Is changing your eye color with a laser real or BS?

My mother wants to get this surgery done for $5,000 and it’s not the idea of vanity that puts me off or the health concerns as much as whether it actually is possible.

CNN Article

Apparently, it’s hasn’t been approved by doctors in the US or Europe thus trials have only occured in Costa Rica or Mexico.

Since this is GQ and not GD involving the ethics, the question is mainly how the laser operates. Is it different to commercial laser pointers? Also, how does the body get rid of the destroyed brown pigment cells over the weeks afterwards.

Its legit in the sense that it can and will change your eye colour (permenantly) from brown to blue.

If its medically efficacious; in other words that it can provide then wanted outcome without adverse effects to the patient is harder to quantify.

Rememeber, a beheading cures a migraine as well.