Is Chuck E. Cheese's clientele becoming more black demographically or not?

I was reading this post and it was wondering if Chuck E Cheeses really have tended to become more back than white in various locales over the years? I haven’t been in a Chuck E Cheese in over 20 years, but back in the early to mid 80’s when there was one in the strip center where in worked in Gaithersburg MD, it was a mostly white with some black demographic most of the time.

Two questions

Is this this trend real or not?

If so, what has caused this shift?

Never been to CEC, but any shift is probably due to demographic changes in the surrounding neighborhoods. The Montgomery County schools are now only 40% white, so that store, if it’s still open, would have a lot more mixed clientele.

My area, Fairfax County, is changing too. White people are becoming increasingly rare at the Fairfax City library and Fair Oaks Mall. I don’t go to Springfield Mall anymore; I think it’s all Hispanic down there now.

Not by me. I hadn’t been to one in over 20 years but ending up going last week to a friends kids birthday.
95% white folk.
And it was in a town that’s adjacent to another town that’s about 50% black.

Now go into the local Walmart and that’s a whole different story.

In my limited experience, the local Chuck E. Cheese’s clientele is 50% Hispanic, and the rest evenly divided among everybody else.