Is church worth the time invested in it?

I think it’s safe to say skipping church every week would add up to 2 years over a lifetime.

Plus, the time spent working to make the donations. You have to do the math on that one.

Since a lot of religion is absorbed outside of church, wouldn’t it make sense to skip the ritual itself?

We always hear “Give up …” and save years of your life.
Is the same logic valid here?

My sister and brother-in-law would tell you that they go to church for many reasons. Church is also a very large part of their social life. Many of their friends are church members. I don’t think they think the money or the time they spend in church or on church sponsored activities is not worth it. They love their church and the fellowship they find there.


I would also have to add that if it weren’t for daily mass second semester of my senior year, I would have spent that time drinking myself to oblivion. But since I had about 45 minutes a day where I couldn’t drink, I just drank to near oblivion. My liver thanks me.

Not unless you consider church a waste of time. For me, church is boring and provides no spiritual benefit — I’d much rather spend those two years at something more fulfilling. For my aunt, a devout Catholic who takes great pleasure in religion, the time spent at church is not wasted. It really depends on the person.


Al World-War-1-Poison-Gas wrote:

We do? Where?

That argument could aso be used for antione-eyed monster wrestling. :smiley:

Tracer… Phossy’s “We always hear…” bit can be construed as a reference to smoking. However, from what I know, church attendance usually doesn’t cause cancer (nor does Satan’s sig line make any reference of time saved from not attending church).

However, it may also be a reference to those “studies” that say people spend so many months of their lives waiting at red lights or taking baths.

ANYway, to answer the OP (dammit, Tracer, you’re always getting me off topic…)

The value of church (and religion) is what you put into it. If you find no value in it, then there is not value in it (for you, anyway). If you put effort into your faith, then, presumably, it’d be a worthwhile experience for you.

I no longer attend church, and so far, it’s had zero detrimental value on my life.

I think it’s safe to say skipping golf every week would add up to 2 years over a lifetime.

Plus, the time spent working to make the greens fees and equipment. You have to do the math on that one.

Since a lot of golf can be watched on TV, doesn’t it make sense to skip doing the activity personally?

Fill in the blanks. Put “attending rock concerts” “playing the clarinet” “stamp collecting” - just about anything. We all have things that we enjoy, that we choose to do. Why question something that obviously a lot of people find valuable? I personally cannot fathom why anyone would want to…(shudder) golf, but obviously people do. And I really don’t care to question them about it. As long as they’re happy…

damn, Yosemitebabe, you beat me to it, that was about what I was going to say. :cool:

One caveat: remember to think for yourself- organized religion can be a bit “brainwashing”.