Is "Coca Cola Red" a new product?

I’ve seen ads the last few days where a surfer girl gets a guy’s attention by opening her Coke bottle on his belt buckle.

But they show a logo on his drink (a can, maybe?) and it’s “Coca Cola Red”.

Is that a new flavor? They already have so many it wouldn’t surprize me.

Or is it a way to say “Classic Coke”?

I tried googling and “Coca Cola Red” seems to be the description of the oldest memorabilia.

Is this what you’re asking about?

“1/2 the carbs”??? I didn’t know soft drinks had carbs. Can I get the low fat version instead?

Um, sugars are carbohydrates.

The commercial is here.

Are you maybe misreading “Real” as “Red”?


That must be it.
In the link you provided the font they used makes R e al look like ** R e d**

There’s no fat in Coke.

Does anyone else think the shape on the bottom left of the linked page looks like the devil (or perhaps Darkness from Legend) cheering on the guy drinking the coke?


That’s pretty cool. I wonder how intentional that was(n’t)

Has anybody actually tried this stuff - is it any good? Or is it just a mix of Diet and Regular Coke?

**FilmGeek ** -
When you enlarge the picture, it’s clear it’s just the woman’s hand holding a Coke bottle by her shoulder by the neck.

But who does that except Satan?? You may be on to something.
Some people say God is a woman, so why not?

There have been several threads but C2 is damn difficult to search for. I drink a lot of C2, but some people can taste the aspartame in it. I can’t, and I hate aspartame. The sweet stuff is sucralose (Splenda) and aspartame.

Are you talking about the dark human shaped shadow on top of the car? Is this the same image that is in the upper right area of this Page ?


I see a devil in this part of the main picture

devil picture (devil is facing to the right with a big white nose and pointy black beard)

Its actually quite good, I drink it now in place of regular coke. I can barely taste the difference and if it has less calories all the better. Sure beats the crap out of “New Coke,” remember that one?

So a soft drink that’s a compromise 'tween all sugar and all artificial sweetener is for people who don’t compromise. What kind of ad-exec double speak is this?