Is copy/past the easiest way to move a URL fom Firefox to edge?

I’m embarrassed to ask but Is copy/paste the easiest way to move a URL from Firefox to Edge? One can set up such that it will just go into history automatically. A search in Google, or almost anyplace like translate, can be set up to be even a little simpler than copy/paste.

[I’ve a reason to go back and forth between Firefox and Edge that is tedious to explain; a different thread in its own right.]

There are Firefox add-ons that let you open a URL in another browser, but I don’t know how well they work with Edge.

You could save all of the URLs as bookmarks, maybe in a folder (a bookmarks folder), and then import to Edge once you’ve saved them all. But that assumes you can wait until you’ve visited everything to then go to Edge.

Highlight the URL in the address bar, drag it to your other browser window.
(I can’t test this with Edge as I am posting from a Win7 machine, but this works from Chrome and Firefox to each other, and to IE (but not from IE in any direction).

What is it that you’re trying to achieve though? Do you want a persistent shared bookmarks list or something?

Edge won’t accept drag and dropped URLs from Chrome or Firefox, because Microsoft gonna Microsoft.

Use the Open With firefox addon:

It opens in edge just fine, despite some of the comments on that page.

Wow, you guys don’t have Right-click-Open-with …?

In Opera, on the right mouse click menu on a page, there’s an entry for “Open with” and a submenu. Right now I have Firefox and Vivaldi on it. IE used to be on it but it went away for some mysterious reason ;).

Can you edit your menus and add something like that?

Thanks. At first blush that seems to be the answer.

I didn’t know that (mind you, I’ve launched Edge exactly once, then closed it, then launched IE11, which I used to download and install Chrome and Firefox.

It’s like they did it just to spite power users.

Now remember, “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity”.

I am on record on this board as a Microsoft sympathiser (I like Windows Phone. I liked Windows 8. Hate me if you must), but they do seem to be mindbogglingly naive and limp in some of their product releases - often trying to break into an already-established market with a product that is only sorta-competitive, then phoning in maybe 60% of the necessary effort to even market the damn thing.

It comes across as a sort of self-loathing:
“Hey! We’ve got this Zune thing… Yeah… it’s a bit like an iPod, only not as good as that … I’ll come in again.”

“Hey! We’ve got this Edge thing… No, it’s not just another version of IE, because it doesn’t support extensions or drag and drop… OK, I’ll help you download Chrome…”

They could’ve just adopted Webkit or Blink and skinned it. Bam, all IE problems solved, most web standards problems solved, no new weird bugs introduced, extensions still work. I bet drag and drop might even work too.

So, no, not stupidity. Part of the deliberate walled garden they’re trying to make with Windows 10, oversimplifying apps to both control them better and consolidate things into a Universal Windows Platform, at some point. It’s not exactly malice – I think it’s a good intention, personally – but just not very cleanly executed. They’re getting better, though. Hopefully Microsoft will shed its old culture and grow better over time. Hopefully.

I’m going to retract what I said about edge above. I have been using it for a couple of days on my win10 tablet and it is superior to Chrome in this pure touchscreen context.

I switched because Chrome was having issues integrating with the touchscreen keyboard. Of course it’s no surprise that an MS product would properly integrate with the Win10 onscreen keyboard, but edge is noticeably faster to render and navigation and scrolling is smoother and slicker.