Is Damien a safe name for my son?

Prior to the reveal, I was certain your middle name was going to be Pepe.

Some people in L.A. still remember Damien “Football” Williams, who was one of four guys who pulled Reginald Denny from his truck and beat him to a pulp. Could still be a problem for some people.

I’d go with Damon…always thought that was a cool name.

“Famien”? :confused:


I’m an atheist who’s never seen The Omen, but the name “Damien” screams “vague satanic reference” even for me. I blame Good Omens, where the not-really-the-antichrist-but-mistaken-for-one character is named Damien.

What’s the appeal of the name? Is there some noble root I’m not aware of?

When I saw the title of your thread, the first thing I thought of was that you’re worried about an “Omen” connection.

Then I opened the thread and thought of my coworker named Damien. I never once thought of the connection to the old "Omen: movie while he was working here.

Go figure.

As a person with an unusual name, I can tell you that I have longed for a “normal” name my whole life. It was not until I became an adult that I came to appreciate my unique qualities. As I kid, all I wanted to be was just like everyone else. Now, I treasure my differences that make me “special” but I still absolutely hate my name. If I hadn’t been named after my mother (another whole issue), I would seriously consider changing it.

I have no idea what this The Omen is that you people keep talking about. The only thing Damien brought up for me was a kick-ass episode of South Park.

For all of those people who believe having a common name is what all kinds want. . .

. . .my name’s Rachel. There were six other Rachels in my year in the 75-member honors college. In the web community in which I am most active, of maybe 20 members, 3 of us are named Rachel. It gets really, really frustrating; I went by my web handle in college just to avoid confusion. Therein lies the appeal of a moderately unusual name.

It’s a saint’s name. Co-patron saint of physicians and surgeons, with his brother St Cosmas.

You might want to ask Damien Wayne Echols. He changed his name from Michael to Damien; according to him, after the Hawian priest. Nonetheless his choice of names came up at his trial as evidence that he could ritualistically murder three children. Well, that and owning too many black tee shirts.

And he was convicted.

Sad to say I think there’s still a “satanic” overtone. At least amoung idiots, but there are a lot of them. Which is a shame 'cause it’s a cool name.

Errrr…in my copy the kid they think is the antichrist is called Warlock. Unless you have a nicer copy :smiley: .

I would like to remind everyone that three years prior to The Omen, Father Damien Karras helped drive Satan out of Regan Teresa MacNeil.

I grew up with two Damiens and a Damon. I can’t remember ever hearing anyone teasing them about their names. Doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, but it must not have been an ongoing, traumatic thing, if it did.
I’m 32, FTR, so seeing *The Omen * was definitely in our experience, if only because it seems like it was on on Saturday afternoon t.v. all the time.

Besides, no matter what you name your kid, he’s going to get teased - whether it’s for his name or something else. I mean, you don’t want to totally set him up, but the chances that someone’s going to pull out a 30+ year old movie reference out is pretty slim, and more likely to get the teaser teased than your son.

i don’t see too much of a problem with damien. not many nicknames from damien. of course you need to name a brother or twin cosmas or cosmos.

interesting how there is always a more popular brother in brother saints. i know about 6 or 7 damiens only 2 cosmos. about 100 boris and only 1 gleb. and in the brother/sister saints, about 30 natalias, 4 adriens.

Clip the hair on the back of his head. If you don’t see three 6s, don’t name him Damien.

I’d say no. Until now, I never knew exactly which movie that was from. But having a similar name (Damon), I’ve still heard references to it all my life. Apparently, it’s penetrated our culture to the point that people are aware of the association without really knowing where it’s from. Plus it’s been revived with an episode of South Park. Trust me, people my age all make the association, even though my name’s only similar (doesn’t help that it’s also close to “demon”). I bet it’ll be a familiar thought for a few years to come. Why invite it? Why give your kids a name that’s gonna evoke a negative thought in people, even if they’re not gonna say anything? If that’s the first thing your kids schoolteachers think of when they read the attendance sheet on the first day of class, it could make a difference.

I dunno. I don’t like my name, and I’ve gotten tired of the stupid jokes about it. Yeah, a lot of names have that potential, and the kid will likely be made fun of for something - but I wouldn’t invite it.

Plus, personally, I’ve always felt it wasn’t a very nice-sounding name. I like the concept of the semi-unusual name (one people will recognize, but that won’t be shared by six other members of the kid’s kindergarten class) but I think this one’s getting revived anyway. It may be the next “Dakota”, thousands of parents giving their bratlings the same unique name.

Meh. Go with something traditional, but not too popular, and one that doesn’t make people think of Satan.

I still think immediately of the Anti-Christ when I hear the name.

There were two Damians in my third grade class (1980). Both spelled with the “a” instead of the “e” at the end.

I remember my mom was totally flabbergasted that there would be not one, but TWO Damians in my class. She told everyone she knew, and everyone was like “ha ha oh wow!” I didn’t get what the big deal was. I knew it was an unusual name and all, but I didn’t see anything really remarkable about it, other than the irony of the kids with the “unusual” names having to go by their last initials just like all the Billys and Jennys. I must have been in my 20s before I got the whole Omen connection!

I, personally, wouldn’t reject the name solely because of the Omen thing. I rather like it. I like Damon better, however. Whatever you choose, at least you’re going into it with your eyes open.

It’s your child…and certainly a few people would probably like to knock me upside the head for the name I bestowed upon my daughter. (Just because it’s long…and we call her by her second middle name instead of her first name…)

However, I would strongly recommend that you find another name you like. I certainly think of “The Omen” whenever I hear that name. It’s one of the creepiest movies I’ve ever sat through (in the middle of the night…home alone…at 12 years old, might I add). I do not like South Park, and even I have seen the Satan/Damien episode.

Mr. Moto, the things you don’t know about your friends. I never would have guessed…

I did the same thing to my sister’s cat. :smiley:

When ever I hear the name Damian, I think of the scene where Regan/Satan breaks Father Karras.

Regan/Satan – Dami, Dami, why you do this to me?

Damien – You’re not my mother. You’re not my mother.

Father Merrin – Damien, get out.

Of course, Dami renenters the room after Satan/Regan kills Merrin, and somehow forces the devil into his body before he jumps out of a window, saving Regan.

Depends how you feel about modern art, really.

Might I ask about all the references to Hawaii? I have a disntict feeling that I’m failing to understand soem conneciton with Damien and Hawaii.
As for your question…I first thought the name would be fine, then noticed that a LOT of peole make the “Omen” connection. To be honest, even I do and I am sure I have never seen the film.

However, look at it this way, suppose you avoided a name that you are clearly quite keen on, named the kid Jeremy or Simon or George, and then the very next Hollywoord blockbuster just happens to use that name for some nefarious character.

On balance, I reckon you shoudl stick with Damien.