Is dark energy expanding me?

Ok, no jokes about expanding waistlines.

I’ve been reading lately about this theorized dark energy causing the universe to expand at ever increasing rates. Everything away from everything else until we reach a point where there will be no further information we can detect or observe. Or some such thing.

Does this apply to me? Are the particles of my body expanding away from each other at ever increasing rates? How much will I have expanded over a normal lifetime? Would I ever be able to tell?

If I lived long enough, would I expand away from myself indefinitely? Would I eventually encompass as much volume as the universe now encompasses?
Or does this only apply to stars & galaxies, etc?

The universe is not only expanding ,but accelerating. But don’t worry on small scales (such as galactic clusters) gravity overcomes this expansion, and pulls things back togeather untill electromagnetic force pushes them away again. Witch is why you don’t become a blackhole.

Gravity holds the earth and sun and such from expanding. intermolecular bonds holds smaller objects together.

if you and your friend were floating in space and not touching you would move away from eachother due to the expanding. if you were holding each other you would not.

Not if you where in the Solar System you would both stay locked in orbit relitive to each other. Even if you where in intergalactic space you would drift two each other from mutual gravitaional pull, unless you where far enough apart. But then how good of friends would you be if you wont even float togeather in intergalatic space.:smiley:

Sorry that’s drift to each other.
You would think I never went twoschool.:smiley:

So what I think of as the vacuum of space, that is the cold empty nothingness (I know it’s not totally empty) is itself expanding? Small objects just get moved along with this expansion, sort of like being swept away on a river that’s flowing away from you in all directions? Trippy. How can nothingness expand?

So I guess if we could figure out how to completely capture/recycle the sun’s energy & matter, we’d end up alone, but could keep our solar system going pretty much forever? Or, we’d at least still have the Milky Way to live in, even tho the various stars etc. w/in it would play out their different lifecycles, being born, dying & on & on? I thought I read somewhere the eventually even the stars in our own galaxy would end up receding away at the speed of light & we’d be all alone? Not so?

Thanks for your patience

An expanding universe? Am I expanding?

Thanks for the link. From what I gather from the discussion, I’m expanding. I’m also not expanding. Physics is cool.