Is "Death" ever a surname?

Just went to see “Pirates of the Carribean 2” (fun). Sat through the credits and I could swear I saw somebody in the credits whose last name was “Death”

WTF? Is there really anybody with that as a last name?

Surname Meanings (

I just looked at the cast and crew on IMDb and don’t see Death as a surname, BTW.

There were a number of De’Aths in the crews of other movies, though, along with a couple of "Death"s. (Though, from the context, it looked to me like they were probably pseudonyms)

My Fiancee served a woman at her job the other day and noticed the surname name on her credit card was De’Ath.

The customer was a fairly normal older woman, so it seems to be a legitimate surname, albeit one not many people would want- much like, say Hitler- so I imagine a few of them change it by deed poll.

“Mortimer” means “dead sea”

“Morton” is Gaelic for “big hill,” no Latin mort/death root

One of the Bazooka Joe comic characters is named Mort. Instead of a black hood, his apparition is a turtleneck over his lower face. (Bazooka Joe himself is the Cyclops and pesty, true to his name, is the trickster god.)

The InfoSpace white pages turns up a few dozen folks with the last name of Death. I think my favorite is Debbie Death of Statenville, GA. I mean, how could you not love a name like that? :slight_smile:

The Social Security Death Index (how appropriate :)) lists 50 people with the last name of Death.

Generally, it’s pronounced Deeth. Jason Death plays for my beloved South Sydney Rabbitohs. There was also a fellow called Steven Death who kept goal for Reading in the 1970’s.

The Social Security Death Index has 51 people with the surname “Death”: Albert Death (1908-1981), Anne Death (1906-1971), Athaline J. Death (1920-2000), Betty Death (1920-2004), Betty Death (1895-1993), Calvin Death (1899-1994), etc.

And a Harley D’Eath (1911-1982).

The 1930 U.S. Census has 173 people with the surname “Death”.

How about Colonel Richard Geoffrey Pine-Coffin, DSO, MC and Bar, known to his airborne troops as “Wooden Box”?

They refer to the Grim Reaper as “Mr. Death” in Monty Python’s “Meaning of Life”.

Had a student with the last name of Death.

I remember at first pronouncing it as /deeth/ only for her to tell me, no, it’s pronounced like “death”.

There are 28 Deaths listed in the telephone directory for metropolitan Sydney.

There’s always Lord Peter Death Bredon Wimsey. Of course he suffers from the handicap of being fictional.

I knew a Dr Death, pronounced deeth. No not Jack Kervorkian or Jayant Patel.

And there’s me. No, my name isn’t really “Deth”, but “Deth” is a real last name.

“De’Eath” is from Terry Pratchett.

In 1987, I spent a night with a very nice family in St Helens in Tasmania (who had picked me up hitchhiking) whose surname was Death. They, too, insisted that it was both spelt and pronounced “death” - none of this “De’Ath” nonsense. I believe they were originally from Cornwall.

Seems we Aussies have lots of Deaths. I also taught a student by that surname, but he insisted it was pronounced Deeth. Very upper class Melbourne family.

Damn, I was going to be the one to say that.

There was a Dr. Death (Deeth) at the local hospital here as well.