Is Diana Krall one of the hottest women ever?

She’s beautiful, she’s got a great voice, coolest music…she’s got it all.

Check out Jazz singer (and pianist, I believe) Diana Krall. Every CD is a joy. I just got Look of Love and oh mama is it good. Her voice is just perfect and she picks great tunes to sing (my favorite CD is All For You but as I said, they’re ALL good.)

Diana Krall. Come for the great jazz music, stay for the hot babe. Rawr!

Must admit that the album cover is incredibly HOT! The pose, the look, the shoes!

Don’t know about the music, tho. Haven’t heard it yet, but she’s definitely eye candy. The other photos on her Web site aren’t as impressive, however. But still . . .


She puts on one heck of a live show, too.

She had a slight cold, but she still was amazing.

I think so.

I used to work answering phones at a jazz radio station and I remember getting the occasion call of “stop playing so much f@$%ing Diana Krall!”

Guess you can’t please everyone.

Doesn’t change the fact that I think she’s hot.

Eh, she’s always reminded me of the kind of chick who, if life were a porn film, would be left left playing with herself in the corner when the two REALLY attractive members of the threesome got it on.

check out her eventual successor, Jane Monheit.

that’ll be Jane Monheit

I think Diana Krall is hot in that she’s good-looking. Musically, she’s at best tepid.