Is Disbarment Permanent

Reading thisarticle I started wondering if disbarment is permanent or not.

I googled it and found that in some states it may not be.

Thing is that I’m Canadian and was wondering about its permanence in Canada.

So, while I’m happy to read answers pertinent to other jurisdictions I am mainly interested in my home and native land.

Is it permanent? If not then under what circumstances can you be reinstated or re-earn your license?

What must you do to overcome a disbarment?

Do not need answer fast :slight_smile:


Have you seen this American Bar Association article?

Short version: some states will let you reapply after some number of years, and you have the opportunity to convince the court or the licensing agency that you have changed and whatever caused you to misbehave before is not an issue anymore (which is sometimes successfully argued in cases where for example alcohol/drugs or untreated mental illness were the root cause). Other states are effectively “death penalty” states: once disbarred, you are forever out and there is no possibility of or procedure for reinstatement.

Sorry, don’t know about Canada.

In my state, it is at least theoretically possible to get reinstated. The person seeking reinstatement must file a petition with the Supreme Court, which will then solicit comments from members of the bar either in support or in opposition, and hold a hearing to consider those comments along with evidence of rehabilitation.