Is Easter a bad weekend for driving?

I just realized that the weekend I was planning to drive from DC to NYC and back will be Easter. I know it’s not a big drinking holiday, but will the traffic be dramatically worse?

I’d say there’s always a heightened risk from dangerous drivers during any holiday weekend, Easter or otherwise. Just because Easter’s a religious holiday in origin, doesn’t mean the idiots don’t go out behind the wheel tanked up to their eyeballs. Doesn’t mean you should put off your trip, though. Just drive safely, defensively, and watch out for the idiots.

Depends on how many crazy rabbits are out there.

Don’t know. Do know that Good Friday (The Friday before Easter) is a REALLY bad day to take the commuter train from NYC to Philly. Everyone else and their neighbor was also on the train and already standing in the aisles with their luggage.

And lots of other people try to be with family for Easter. So there is certainly potential for high traffic, which makes for a bad weekend for driving.

All bunnies, psycho or otherwise, have lane choice priority during the Easter weekend.