Is Elucidator a pseudonym for Cecil?

I’m somewhat curious as to whether or not Cecil, or whoever the lead writer is for The Straight Dope, posts frequently in the message boards. You know, to keep up on the writing skills and so forth.

Well, maybe it’s just me but I think the whimsical prose of Elucidator bears a remarkable resemblance to that of Cecil’s. Does anyone agree or have a likely candidate for a pseudonym and an example of their writing offered as proof?

There is actually a poster called Cecil Adams, with the text under his name reading “Perfect Master”. And then there’s an Ed Zotti as well.

Quite a compliment to 'luci, though…

No. Cecil is lucid, while 'luci is a left-wing weirdo.

But at least he’s an amusing left-wing weirdo.

It’s actually remarkably easy for a group of people, say 12, although I don’t know exactly how many Scientific Advisors/Administrators we currently have, to write in a common style. In fact, the type of style associated with “Cecil Adams” over the years is particularly easy for a group of writers with similar types of vision and background to assimilate and copy.

You can compare editorials in newspapers throughout the Engliosh speaking world. It’s almost as if one person were writing them all, such is the sameness of the style.

Now that is funny.

But they look so different in my mind’s eye.

Elucidator sits in the floor eating a Dagwood sandwich with beer. He waves his arms when he talks and has the hiccups a lot.

Cecil prefers restaurants and looks at me like I’m stupid.

Huh, I envision Elucidator as Kinky Friedman after one too many cans of Jolt Cola, whereas I tend to think of Cecil as Wintermute, the AI mentioned in a couple of William Gibson’s novels, but programmed for enhanced smart-assedness.

One thing I surely don’t see is any particular similarity between their respective writing styles, other than both of them mostly using words in English.

But Elucidator isn’t even an anagram of Cecil Adams. Now, if there were someone named Mel’s Cicada

You just have to know that Elucidator will be impossible to live with after this.

But isn’t The Highwayman a pseudonym for Elucidator?


Sure… after this.

Elucidator’s prose has always had a certain Southern flavor to it, which makes sense as he is an escaped Texan. I see him as a Shelby Foote kinda guy, only not so dead and more interested in current events.

I can see that, so long as we’re talking Shelby Foote with a nagging itch that’s just out of reach.