Is Eminem using the public's eye as an excuse?

Ok, I was watching MuchMusic(Basically Canadian MTV, wait, make that Canadian M2) the other day, and Eminem was talking about people thinking he was homophobic. He said something similar to this:

“If everyone thinks I am homophobic, then I will be.”

(Side note: Does this win best cop-out ever?)

What’s with this, whatever the public thinks of Eminem he now is?

If we think he’s gay, is he?

If we think he’s racist twords blacks, is he?

If we think he’s dead, is he?(Please let this one come true!)

It’s stupid, he tells everyone he isn’t for a month or so, and then just gives it up, but hides behind the media, and says he’s only homophobic cuz they say he is? Isn’t that what celebrities don’t want?

Or, from another point of view, he could have meant, “If people think I’m homophobic, there’s nothing I can do to change that, is there?” Or, from another point of view, “A lot of people think I’m homophobic, and I don’t care.” Or, from even still another point of view, “Didn’t I just answer this?”

Yeah, but the thing I am asking is if lets say he is homophobic, was this a way for him to “Justify” it?

The lyrics came out before the media took notice to them. Eminem isn’t able to site any examples so he just says “I am and it’s only because the media says I am.”

And don’t bring up “The Real Slim Shady” because that the lyrics right after that line say “If you fell like I do, I got the antidote, women wave your pantyhose.”

He claims he is doing it to piss everyone off, but I really think he’s stuck in a corner with nowhere to run, so he hides behind that and the media.

You do realize that assumptions such as this are what allows the guy to answer questions the way he did, right?

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What made people think he was homophobic to begin with?

his whole point is that it doesn’t matter if he’s homophobic or not.

I don’t know if you’ve listened to his lyrics or not, but among all the “controversial” rhyme, he preaches about how folks really need to chart their own course, take responsibilities for their actions and quit looking at him for blame or justification. I’m not a huge fan, but I’ve listened to his stuff, and respect it.

that’s all

Well I have read a few lyrics, and I don’t blame anything that happens on them, I blame them on the weak minds of youth.

My question is if he is homophobic, why can’t he just say, “I’m homophobic, I always was and always will be.” and then raspberry everyone. If he can’t stand up and say this with pride, who says he is saying anything he says with pride?

And the media isn’t blaming him for anything, there the media in case you forgot. They want to ‘embarrass’ him. They could care less if 50 million people die because of it, the media wants to embarrass the celebrity.

Yeah, it allows him to say that, but the point is if he really believes this or if he’s just trying to sell (more) records by looking like the victum.

Some of his lyrics include going out and killing gays and women, raping women, etc. Of course, two choruses later he says something completely different.

He’s a rapper - shock is his livelihood.

I don’t care for his lyrics, but I must admit a guilty pleasure in listening to him - he is entertaining as a “musician” (I use the term with all rappers loosely), but his entertainment value does not justify the message he sends. Hell, even his own mother is suing him - great for business, but hardly something to be proud of.


      • I had to drive somewhere at three in the morning sometime back, and a radio station happened to be playing his album. Of the five songs I heard then, they were all inner-city-slum-gangster rap; barely understandable, every third word a (cut-out for broadcast) expleteive, constantly referring to doing horrible things to women, cops, etc. Which is fine, I guess, if that’s what one finds entertaining. I was rather struck by the irony of his hit song " -will the real Slim Shady please stand up . . " considering that in it he speaks clearly and isn’t very objectionable, for the most part. -Which is quite diferent from the other songs on the album. It’s almost as if the producers made him write & record a song they could sell to middle-class white kids. Apparently they didn’t think that the real Slim Shady would sell all that well. - MC

Oh, horsefeathers. The media, at least the segment of the media you’re describing, the entertainment media, need celebrities, or they’ll cease to exist. And the converse is true as well. The media need the celebrities to provide them with material, and the celebrities need the media to provide exposure.