Is Facebook down?

Is Facebook down? I haven’t been able to access it for the last hour.

It’s up for me and for

Can’t access it.

Bummer. Tried the usual (clearing cache, etc.)?

I briefly had problems earlier (I think it was “Connection reset”), but it eventually behaved itself once I beat the ---- out of the refresh button (the usual way I vent my frustration when sites don’t load; I know it doesn’t help but it makes me feel good :D).

Yup. Even used CCleaner on full mode. I can access anything except Facebook.

At my office, when we blocked Facebook, everyone pounced on tech support because they were getting error messages like “Connection Reset”. It looked like a connection error, but it was just that we blocked access to a bunch of networking sites because our writers were goofing around too much.

Oy. I know this is crazy, but I’ve seen crazier sh!t in my day: have you tried another browser (IE/FF/Chrome)?

It’s back up now. It could have been my local provider-I guess I’ll never know.

It’s probably China launching attacks because Google won’t censor the search results. I’m only half joking.

Aaand…it’s gone again. “Can’t find server at”.

Just worked for me not even one minute ago.

Must be my provider. Now it can’t find Yahoo, either.

Try It may be that your ISP has a DNS problem.