Is fascism always an alliance between business owners and prejudiced citizens

I remember in high school reading a book about Nazi germany. It said the support for the nazis came from business leaders and working class conservatives. At the time that made no sense to me, it seemed like those two groups should be natural enemies. The business class wants to cut wages/benefits and the working class should want higher wages/benefits. At the time though I didn’t understand that wages and economics was only a small part of what motivated people’s voting behaviors. Things like social identity, authoritarianism, prejudice are just as important if not more important.

But seeing whats happening in America, its the same two groups. Business leaders and working class conservatives. My understanding is that business leaders and working class conservatives were also the base of support of things like jim crow and slavery. The business class kept people divided and the working class found the appeals to prejudice, authority, purity and safety appealing.

Is that the natural base of fascism? What about intellectuals? What about a stable middle class?

I’m not sure the first Fascist state was tied to prejudiced citizens. Italy was all about the strong and protective state and returning Italy to its ancient glory. It was strongly anti-communist and was indeed supported by business owners and the like. The Antisemitism in Italy did not really get major until joining with Nazi Germany in close alliance in 1938. Even Fascist Italy before that was less antisemitic than France. Even with the laws, the Jewish people were basically safe at least under Mussolini until his fall and the German take over.

The hyperinflation of the Weimar era made it impossible for business to function properly and hard for workers to feed their families. Nazism offered a change from the failures of the Weimar republic and an alternative to the chaos of the communists.

Business leaders and working class conservatives were not the base of support for slavery.