Is Fox News really all that bad?

I think we’ve got a stopped clock situation here. I don’t really think he’s entirely wrong, do you? Fox is open about the fact that they’re decisively tank for the Republicans. I don’t think other networks are exactly in the tank for Democrats, but they have issue biases that add up to the same thing (which is OK with me).

What we don’t see any network doing is admitting they have a bias, and explaining how they will correct for it. CNN doesn’t admit bias at all. Fox does, but won’t admit it’s something to remedy. I wish we did have a major media outlet that admitted a liberal bias, and then tried to openly hedge against it. It would have to be a valid hedge, not a both-sides crusade that lets idiots spread propaganda, and not a strawman-punching-fest.

Of course you are 100% correct that Fox is different because they lie and fabricate prolifically, and give airtime to truly nutso individuals, and pander to the lowest white grievance politics. There’s bias, and then there’s being a propaganda mouthpiece for demagogues. Fox is absolutely an exceptionally warm turd in this regard.

That’s a really good article.

Time was, before Fox really got up and running, I could talk to my opponents/dumb neighbors/parents. Even though we didn’t approve of one another’s positions, or even respect it, at least we could comprehend one another’s views.

Nowadays, when they talk, often it’s just a miasma of dog-whistles, unfamiliar memes and inside jokes, or some subject that seems way more important than it ought to be, or some viral bloody-shirt video that every single one of them can cite from memory. Just stuff they circulate among themselves until it becomes its own language. (David Dorn! You don’t know him? Well, you don’t know anything about BLM then. He proves they’re all hypocrites).

You do not know David Dorn. You don’t really need to, but if you don’t want to be blindsided by the gotcha, then you need to pay the information tax of learning this piece of nonsense.

I’m likewise sure that some of the academic jargon we’ve picked up on the left (white privilege, consent, BIPOC, etc), is incomprehensibly eggheaded and vaguely threatening.

Actually, I think the slogan is intended to obscure the difference between “fair” and “balanced” – e.g., to obscure the fact that giving flat-Earthers equal time with astronomers would be balanced but not fair, and so would giving creationists equal time with evolutionists.

just kidding,

So, as long as he winks, he can spew as much vile bullshit as he wants.

Yeah that’s an awful decision.
They are right that no reasonable person would believe his shit, but the question should have been do his viewers believe it?

Also, here is Fox calling its viewers unreasonable. Feels like someone should trumpet that somewhere.

MSNBC: Fox News just claimed under oath that its viewers, specifically anyone who views Tucker Carlson and believes him, are unreasonable! Come watch – we respect our audience.

Journalistic integrity is when you can dismiss a defamation suit by claiming that you always lie.

What a world we live in…

There is ample legal precedent for the Alex Jones defence.

Fox News is admitting Fox News viewers are idiots?

Well, “not reasonable”, anyway.

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