Is George Soros making Billions Out of this Stock market Crash?

I noticed that after the big crash, Congress halted short selling. Then we had a big rally (Tuesday)-and short selling resumed-this was followed by Wednesday’s crash!
I find the timing of this to be suspicious.
Is there any information as to whether Soros took advantage of this halt (in short selling), and got word that the ban was to be rescinded?
That would net him billions, if he then went short on Wednesday.:confused:

Idono. Here’s an interview Soros did with Bill Moyers a few days ago about the crisis, but he doesn’t seem to talk about his own recent trades.

I have a question…why single out George Soros? Is there a “Democratic Congress conspiring with liberal billionaire” angle you’re going for?

The vix hit its record high a week ago, and you think the timing of a big move is suspicious?

Seconded. There are thousands of speculators on Wall Street. Any one of them might have seen this coming and made out like a bandit. Why is it worthwhile to ask this question about Soros in particular?

Because George Soros is eeeeeeevil. I heard Bill O’Reilly say so!

If he was a smart businessman, and he was prescient enough to spot the upcoming cycle and crash…

Isn’t that what a businessman should be doing if he’s good at it?


While there were abuses among short-sellers, they actually do perform a service in identifying companies that deserve closer scrutiny.

The ban on short-selling was only intended as a short-term moratorium.

Although I do think that they need to start enforcing rules against naked short selling and the uptick rules.


And also agreed as to the :confused: of why ralph124c is specifically concerned about Soros when any number of top-rank speculators could play the same game, and even further, as** ultrafilter **mentions, of why would it be so suspicious to have a runaway market go rollercoaster after hastily-slapped-together, pray-it-works measures are attempted.