Is GhostSurf a good program?

My husband brought home GhostSurf for us to install on our computers. It is supposed to reroute your info through anonymous hubs to protect your private information, block requested sites, block pop ups if requested, etc. etc. My question is, is it a good program? Does it work well? Does it cause any problems?

Personal experience: underwhelming. The info-blocking/spyware-controlling functions seem to work reasonably. However the proxy-hub function doesn’t seem to be anywhere near what it sells itself as – very limited really, it favors Tenebril’s own in-house hubs.

I’ve heard a few complaints that the program installs more than it advertises, but not only can I not remember what those extra files were, but I can’t remember which forum I heard it on…so…take that for what it’s worth. This was also over two years ago.

I’ve used the program in the past, but I wasn’t impressed. I use Ad Muncher in its place, and I’m happy with it. It blocks advertisements, pop ups, and uses a proxy service (anonymous hubs) if you so incline. You can also create custom filters and it checks for new anonymous IPs automatically.

Lousy reviews from Cnet.