Is GWB looking forward to the war?

What did GWB really wanted?

If Saddam had disarmed, what would’ve happened? Would the US still gain oil?

Now that’s there war with Iraq, something Bush can gain from Iraq is oil. What if the Saddam had disarmed and the war didn’t take place?

I heard something about Bush smiling and punching the air right before a press conference to announce war.

I’ve also heard that he’s been a fan of wars in general all his life.
I am not really surprised Bush/America is at war. I am surprised that our Socialist PM Blair is fully behind it. I have lost an awful lot of respect for TB since he began supporting a war.
I am not really against a war, or fully behind one. I am for it on the condition that it will save more lives than it will cost. (A condition that is currently not proven) And maybe also the condition that it will send a message to nations considering harbouring terrorists (i.e. ‘don’t fucking bother’)

There is a video (which I have NOT seen) of GWB punching the air before last Wednesday’s announcement that we are at war and saying “feels good”. I will let you draw your own conclusions as to what this says about the gravitas of our CinC.:rolleyes:


Of course. Don’t pretend you don’t want war, either, I know you do.

All peace loving Americans prayed for this to happen. We wanted Saddam to get rid of all of his good weapons before we invaded so he’d be cake.

And Baltic Avenue, too.

I’m having deja vu.

I’ve seen it. He was definitely enjoying the living daylights out of the whole thing – I’m sure it was a major effort for him to resist leaping up and whooping like a frat boy at homecoming.

Of course, this is also the same guy whose last State of the Union address included a smirking reference to killing terrorists, and who didn’t have qualms about executing mentally retarded people while serving as Governor, so perhaps gloating at a war with Iraq is just par for the course. :smack:

Lobsang: Blair, socialist? Are we talking about the same guy here? Foppish guy that hangs around London - No. 10 Downing St? Or are you referring to some other Tony Blair?

nah, he’s just looking forward to winning.

Is he supposed to mope around at the thought of it? I mean, its not like he can reasonably expect America to support him while weeping at the opening of war. Heck, I was so relieved that the war started just to get the darned thing started and therefore, over with sooner. Its like a huge weight had been taken off my chest. Felt quite happy, and less uptight.

Considering he’s ordering 200,000+ young American servicemen to go out there and risk getting shot, gassed, stabbed, captured, maimed, and what-have-you, I’d have liked to have seen a reaction that was a bit more subdued than an overeager kid waiting for the start of Die Hard 3.

Lots of political and military leaders enjoy war. Churchill loved war; he said on more than one occasion that it was war that gave him purpose in life. For all you hear about soldiers hating war, lots of them enjoy it. Patton, for instance. War provides a lot of potential benefits to the statesman or the soldier.

Bush would not be the first politician/leader to really want to get involved a war. He will not be the last.