Is Heinz Salad Cream a purely UK Phenomenon, or do others suffer too?

For those not in the know Salad Cream was developed during the war as a substitute for mayonaise.

It is very hard to describe, but mayonaise is not a good comparison. Its a sweet, thick, vinegary cloying substance that was inflicted on all children of my generation.

It is made of:Spirit Vinegar, Vegetable Oil (25%), Water, Sugar, Mustard, Salt, Egg Yolks (3%), Modified Cornflour, Stabilisers - Xanthan Gum and Guar Gum, Colour - Riboflavin

And its horrible.

I cannot believe that anyone not brought up in a country that had experienced rationing would eat this gunk (but I feel the same about Spam).

It has lately become a bit of a retro fashion item (not for eating though)

Heinz announced that they were no longer going to produce this work of lucifer and a campaign to save it was launched.

So the question is…

Is it only us in the UK who have this stuff or does it exist elsewhere (if so where, and why?)

Actually its quite nice on whitebread, margarine and salt and vinegar crisp sandwich (which many of us lived on at my school).

There is salad dressing in the USA, certainly Evile.

I thought mayonaisse was made from egg yolks and oil.
Olive oil, of course, perhaps sesame, which deserves another food thread unto itself.

That’s the point. Eggs were rationed so they came up with this ersatz mayonaise. Fair enough, but this doesn’t explain why it still exists when we’ve got plenty of eggs.

Because people like what they know. Cf. Corned Beef (as opposed to corn-fed beef).

‘Salad cream’ is, to my palate, like putting vinegary custard on your food. I am shivering with horror now, thinking of a blob of it congealing on some tinned beetroot.

BTW do any UK dopers remember about 1-2 years ago when there was a ‘storm of protest’ because Heinz were going to discontinue it? Does anyone else think that was a publicity stunt?

I can’t believe you are slandering the good name of Salad Cream. I love Salad Cream. It is a joy on chips.

Salad Cream is the spunk of the devil!


(and I also like those Fray Bentos pies that come in tins that look like landmines)

I like corned beef too. I remember the Fray Bentos pies - with the yummy suet crust. I also remember how they disappeared from supermarket shelves during the Falklands War.

BTW they have a version of Salad Cream in Ireland, made by “Chef” brand. I think you can also get Heinz too. God knows why.

Egg whites.

Heinze Salad Cream.

sounds very vaguely pornographic

Salad cream sounds like something you’d put on your salad to remedy an ailment.

Well it is often served with Brawn and Tongue.

That sounds like a salad dressing product we call “Miracle Whip” here. You may not find it tasty, but it gives a heck of a facial. Slather it on your face and wait about 1/2 hour and rub it off with your hands. Your skin has never felt so soft!


Miracle Whip is SWEET.

Miracle Whip is the closest thing to salad cream in the US. (on preview I see it’s been mentioned).

I love the stuff and hate mayonaisse.

Mayonaisse is made from pus squeezed from the boils on the Devil’s backside.

You, Kal obiviously consider Burger King a culinary experience.

Mayonaisse was invented by one of Napoleon’s cooks.
Miracle Whip is something sweet to feed squawling children.

Here’s the BBC’s take on the history of Salad Cream:

I think they may be fifth columnists, “the worlds first socialist sauce” indeed. What do they think Lobster Thermidor is named after.

I weep for this country. I really do.

carnivorousplant: Nope, I have only eaten at Burger King once and that was one time too many.

Salad cream, crunchy peanut butter and Cheddar cheese sarnies, now that’s a culinary experience! :wink:

Miracle Whip isn’t exactly the same as salad cream, imagine Miracle Whip with more vinegar in it and you’ve pretty much got it.

Ah, do you put it on “toad in the hole” or blood pudding?

I will have you know that both toad in the hole and black (blood) pudding are pure ambrosia and would not be sullied by Salad Cream (which I am beginning to believe is actually Soylent Green).

And before you ask it’s no good with spotted dick either.

Talking of ambrosia and junk/comfort food, is there anything finer than a Lyons Individual Fruit Pie (apple and blackberry for preference) and Ambrosia Devon Custard straight from the tin?

Condensed milk anyone?