Is Hillary Clinton running for President?

A friend of mine was poking around the federal election commission Web site, and they have a search area. He searched “Clinton” and found, among other things, a listing for Hillary Clinton as running for President in 2003. Now, could this be legitimate, or is someone yanking the FEC’s chain?

There’s no direct link, but go to, then site index (it’s on the sidebar), then all the way down to “view reports,” then “search the report image system” and do a search for Clinton.

Now, is this legit? My better judgement tells me no, but I’d like some other opinions? Can anyone file a report with the FEC, or is this for real?

Sen. Clinton says she doesn’t intend to run in '04. She may well be sincere, but it’s customary for candidates to deny it until a lot of behind the scenes groundwork is already in place. “Exploratory committees” (to get organized, do fundraising, and test the waters with polls) can legally be formed, with or without the candidate’s public permission.

If she doesn’t run in '04, she’ll run for reelection as a senator. I don’t remember when she was elected. Are you sure your friend didn’t see her senatorial campaign registration?

Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat comes up for reelection in 2006.

Ah, see…that might have been it. I had a theory that people other than the candidate could put stuff up on the FEC web site.

No, it clearly said President. Check it out–I think I gave pretty good directions on how to get there (stupid FEC page won’t allow direct linking.)

It was listed on Fark last night. The fact that it is listed in Arlington, VA makes me think it was set up by someone else.