Is Imagine Dragons rock 'n roll?

“You know, Dad, I’m beginning to like Imagine Dragons.”

“Oh, Sophia, and to think I had such hopes for you once. Way to go. Laura, want to try for another kid? This one is hopelessly clueless.”

“Dad! Stop being mean! Seriously, though, they rock!”

:chuckles: “I don’t think that word means what you think it means.”

“What do you know? Didn’t you say one of your guilty pleasures was Air Supply?”

“OK, you’re now THIS close to getting restricted!” :laughing: “But, seriously, Imagine Dragons doesn’t rock because they’re not rock and roll.”

“Yes they are.”

“No they’re not. They don’t even play guitars, much less blues-based music. Yeah, their stuff is rhythmic and, I guess, powerful, but what they are definitely not is rock and roll.”

So we went on this riff for a couple of more minutes until boredom struck us dead, but the question remains:

Is Imagine Dragons “rock 'n roll”?

(Public poll!)

Yeah, they’re rock. Not the greatest rock band ever, but fairly decent pop-rock - if they eat their vegetables, they may grow up to be Chicago or Journey.

Besides, given the state of rock 'n roll in 2018, beggars can’t be choosers. We take what we’re given.

LOL. Yeah, I can buy the idea that they “rock” in that “it’s got a good beat and you can dance to it” definition, and even in the “beggars can’t be choosers” world of 2018, but do they meet the classic definition of rock 'n roll? I mean, I can see the thread which leads from Chuck Berry to the Beatles to Led Zeppelin to Def Leppard to Nirvana to, gulp, Nickelback… but I don’t see how ID fits in that group. To me, they seem to be a kind of evolutionary Human League (another group which may have “rocked”, but weren’t “rock and roll”).

I’m no expert, but thislooks and sounds a lot like rock to me. Who cares where it evolved from?

I’m not, like, a fan of the group; I know maybe 3 of their songs. Do they call themselves a rock band? Because I’ve always been in favor of a broad tent approach to rock - I welcome all comers.

Besides, is there any current top-40 band that rocks more? We’re in the wilderness years now. *Any *rock, no matter how artificial, should be nourished.

I can’t tell from the few links I’ve followed if they are pop or pop-rock. The songs I’ve heard are on the pop side of the line but I could be persuaded by other tracks. I think the songs could easily be slightly rearranged and produced to sound more like rock but they went another direction since rock is not the style at the time.

As to current top-40 bands that rock more, that depends on two definitions of “current”: Panic! at the Disco had a number 1 album 2 years ago, which was … also pop. Seems like they also needed to wear an onion on their belt in order to finally get a number 1. However, they used to rock more than Imagine Dragons currently do.

It is absolutely rock, but it is not “rock n roll”. Rock n roll is 50s era.

Every time we do this it’s a matter of splitters vs joiners.

There are, vaguely, two definitions of rock, one sociological, one technical.

The technical one is thus: music, generally incorporating shorter - sub-10 minute - material using blues and pentatonic scales with a beat emphasis on the 2 and 4.

The sociological one is thus: music, generally message natured, aimed at and enjoyed by prevailing youth culture.

To try to define it otherwise is to go down a rabbit hole without depth or breadth. To do so inevitably ends in a so-called ‘golden age’ mentality where aging fans try to define ‘rock’ or ‘rock and roll’ as something that existed when they were young and how today’s music doesn’t add up. It’s now been happening for about 65 years and we should put it to bed.

In all honesty, it’s shame we’re still talking about rock. Kids today should have something completely different…something undefined by geriatric boomers and aging Gen X. They should be doing their own thing without trying to get some sort of affirmation from us.

“The kids of today should defend themselves against the 70’s
The kids of today should defend themselves against the 70’s
It’s not reality, just someone else’s sentimentality
It won’t work for you
Baby boomers, selling you rumors of their history
Forcing youth away from the truth of what’s real today
The kids of today should defend themselves against the 70’s”

I don’t think they even have guitars in that band. Rock with no guitar?? It’s called pop.

Like Jonathan Chance: said, eventually this discussion will devolve into – Spice Girls on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine? Yes, by the cultural definition, its rock.

Yes, they do:
Current members

Dan Reynolds – lead vocals, rhythm guitar, piano, keyboards, drums, percussion (2008–present)
Wayne Sermon –** lead guitar**, backing vocals, mandolin (2009–present)
Ben McKee – bass, piano, keyboards, synthesizers, backing vocals, guitar (2009–present)
Daniel Platzman – drums, percussion, backing vocals,
rhythm guitar
, viola, keyboards (2011–present)

Not that I agree with the rockiststance, but if you must, base it on facts.

Because I live in Las Vegas and do lighting for corporate events, and because Imagine Dragons also lives in Las Vegas and they do music for corporate events, I’ve been present at least 7 times when they performed.

IMHO, they are indeed a rock band BUT they do not rock.

Has anyone seen Believer on HBO?

I didn’t know that the lead singer, Dan Reynolds, is a practicing Mormon who is making a huge effort to change that Church’s stance on homosexuality, SSM, and LGBT issues in general… He’s not gay, but his good friend and fellow rocker (if I can use that term) is.

Fair enough. I stand corrected

I really like them, but I was shocked when I heard them on our local hard rock station! They’re pop to me.

In a world where everything gets watered down, I guess they can pass for rock.

Can someone think of another “rock” band with a similar sound/style to ID? Don’t get me wrong, they’re a decent group (meaning i wont change the station if they happen to come on) but I have to recalibrate my whole understanding of “rock music” in order to bring thos band into that genre.

They’re basically AWOLNATION but worse.


these guys

Oh, yeah! From my favoritecat video!