Is is really useful to take photocopies of your passport on holiday with you

Most travel guides recommend photocopying your passport photo page in case you lose the original. I could see maybe 40 years ago when communications in some places were slow that it may help, but nowdays when a consular official in Bhutan could probably look up on his TSA/NSA database instantly what you had for breakfast that morning, does it really help get you home faster?

Sure. You may not remember your passport number - I sure don’t - so if you lose the real thing it’s a handy reference when you report it. Can’t hurt, might help.

I suggest getting a US Passport ID card. Now sure, it is of limited use to cross borders, but hidden away in your luggage it could be the “picture ID” they need.

the Passport card comes with a different number. The picture is the same but in black and white. It might help verify who you are.

Yes, taking a photocopy of your passport with you in a separate place than where you keep your actual passport would very useful in obtaining a quick replacement from the US consular office if you happen to have your actual passport lost or stolen, while traveling.

I have a copy of my passport in my Gmail account. I tend to travel to places where internet is abundant, so I could have a paper copy pretty quickly.

Of course, my passport’s always down the front of my pants…still haven’t had a pickpocket go for my junk.

Why? You’re just repeating the same unsupported claim the OP is asking about.

FWIW, I’m curious too. Has anyone here actually lost their passport, and when they went to the local consulate to get a replacement travel document, been asked for a photocopy, or been asked for anything else where a photocopy would have been useful? That is, more useful than simply having memorized or noted the passport number and issue/expiry dates?

A friend of mine forgot his passport on board an airplane a couple of months ago. Luckily he had a photocopy of it in his office that a colleague faxed to him and it facilitated retrieving the passport from the airport police station.

Same here, but I still carry a copy of it also. And there is pretty much almost nowhere on the planet where you can’t get internet access.

The OP didn’t ask why, you are. The OP asked if it was useful and assist in getting home easier if you lose your passport. The answer is yes.

The why is that when you walk into the consulate with a copy that has your photograph on it, they don’t have to go through the extra steps to certify that you are the person that is seeking your own replacement passport…having the photocopy makes it easier.

Your way is okay, but having a photocopy makes it easier. I have been with a colleague overseas that lost his passport…trust me, having a photocopy would have made it easier.

I make copies of my passport, my airline tickets, prescriptions and a couple of other things when I go on an extended trip. I haven’t lost my passport, but I did lose one of my airline tickets, and that copy came in real handy.