Is it a good idea to make edible bills?

If you haven’t read tomorrow’s Cathy, I’m going to spoil it.
She says if bills were edible, then we wouldn’t let them sit in the inbasket.
I think this is a terrible idea. What do you do when it’s time to refer to them and you’ve eaten them?

suspicious look How do YOU get Cathy early? suspicious look

suspicious look And WHY would you want to?suspicious look

high 5’s evilbeth We took care of HER didn’t we!?! smug look

I don’t know…getting Cathy earlier than everyone else…posting that secret info on a public posting board…actually seems interested in Cathy…sounds a little strange to me, we should tread lightly–I don’t think we’re dealing with an average, normal person here…


Where did I put that model glue, a couple of hits and this will make sense.

<<Looks up with VISA bill hanging from mouth>>

Wait, you mean they’re not…Oh, CRAP!

Um, if by “inbasket” you mean the garbage can, then I sorta see your point. I wouldn’t mind just eating them, if they tasted good. Otherwise, I’ll just let the garbage man do his job.

Oh and by the way, who (or what) is Cathy?

I was expecting a Clinton joke.

LOL! I mean…Bwaaaahaaahaaahahaha! Oh god, my sides hurt. I gotta go pay my VISA bill.

This is a joke, right?

A comic strip character. Think Peanuts, Wizard of Id, Garfield.

Less funny than Wizard of Id (though barely), funnier by miles than Garfield or Peanuts.

Keep in mind that no comic strip mentioned in this post is actually funny in any way.

There are only three funny comic strips and I am not going to name them because as soon as my liking of them becomes public my local paper will stop publishing them.

Dunno about edible bills. But I like edible panties…:slight_smile:

Cathy is a comic strip that used to be mildly amusing years ago, but which has long since turned into a paean to female self-hatred. The shockingly misogynistic cartoonist routinely equates single status and fatness with failure as a person. Thinking that a sane woman would somehow desire to eat the phone bill is about her speed.



You do realize Cathy is written by a woman don’t you? Can a woman be a misogynist? A misanthrope maybe.

obfusciatrist, you are incredibly right. As soon as it becomes public…
sniff I miss Calvin!!!

I’d like to speak for my fellow freaks by saying that we definitely don’t read Cathy. However, some of us do use it for toilet paper