Is it bad that I just bought a 4 liter bottle of wine? (lame ramble)

I am thinking yes.

What struck me whilst I was shopping ever so innocently in Safeway was that I was not looking so much at the brand or vintage (not at all in fact) as I was at the fact that it was a 4 liter jug for $7.

My sense of thrift kicked into gear to support my craving for alcohol. I pay $6.20 for a beer at my favorite bar downtown, and here is over a gallon of wine for the same price. I’m not an alcoholic, I’m just saving money.
Still better than smoking, I suppose. Last night marked 7 days without a cigarette.

I would sell my soul for an American Spirit Light stog right now. To go with my glass of wine of course.

Not planning to drink it all in one evening I hope.

But, being thrifty is not bad.

Of course, if the label just says something generic like:
you may have made a serious mistake.

Certainly not all in one evening. That would be a bit much, even for me. I vaguely remember it having an actual name, like “somebody & rossi”. and I think it might even be a 2001 cabsauv. So I havent made it to rock bottom yet.

Martini & Rossi may not strictly be the bottom, but you can probably see it from where you’re sitting.

Once I lived in Paris as a starving student and was buying the cheapest wine I could find. It came in a plastic 1-liter bottle with a screw-on cap. It was drinkable (barely), but when I spotted the *clochards *in the Metro drinking the same thing, I decided to upgrade to glass bottles.

Back home, in my limited experience with wine, I find it’s best to stick to the 750cl size.

Oh crap! I just looked at the bottle. It is a bottle of 100% grape table wine, Carlo Rossi Paisano. I am also supposed to refrigerate after opening. This bottle will not fit in my fridge. Unless of course I drink the 6 pack of beer that is in there. Which of course I will not do, because I am not a lush. Ah well, the ol’ apartment gets cold enough at night. I’m sure it will be fine.

Hey, my grandfather drinks wine in the gallon jug! He’s 91, he’s confined to a wheelchair in an assisted living facility, and that glass of wine a day is one of the great pleasures in his life. (He loves it when we come, because he can use us as an excuse to drink two!) I mean, sure it’s not the best wine in the world. It’s not even the mediumest wine in the world. It is in fact rather pink. And I just can’t drink pink wine like I used to in college. But it comes in a gallon jug for practically free, and grandpa loves the stuff. :wink: It’s practically the only thing in their tiny little fridge.

I think you mean 750 mL. Unless you’ve got a supplier for 7.5 litre bottles :smiley:

But the only thing Iwould do with a 4 litre jug is turn it into mulled win.