Is it bad to smoke straight after drinking whiskey?

In the film “Better Luck Tomorrow” after the guy takes a big chug of whiskey the other guy stops him quickly from smoking on the cigarette. Smoking after drinking whiskey, is it harmful in practice? If so, what should you do? Drink some beer or soda before lighting one up?

It was probably a joke about how the drinker would set his mouth on fire with the ember on the cigarette.

My Google-fu failed me (actually it came up with a lot of stuff about drinking and smoking pot at the same time) but about 20 or more years back there was some study tossed around the press that smoking and drinking at the same time had more serious health detriments than doing one and then the other later. I don’t know the film but it could have been some reference to that idea or theory.

“Don’t smoke right after drinking whiskey! Why, that’s as bad as swimming after eating a healthy salad!”

“Well, thank God I’ve never been tempted to do those things!”

There have been some studies that show drinking and smoking together have a synergistic effect increasing head and neck cancers, most notably squamous cell carcinoma.

It depends what you smoke.

What I was really trying to find out was that since whiskey is flammable, can the hot smoke from inhalation of a cigarette cause some kind of internal combustion or something?

No it won’t. You can’t light any common substance with a cigarette for that matter - not even a bucket of gasoline. Don’t try it yourself; I have already done that experiment for you hundreds of times with zero success. I have also won small amounts of money betting people that they can’t light pure alcohol, paper towels, newspaper, leaves, pine straw or anything else with a cigarette. I have never seen anyone succeed so it is one of the safest bets you can make. Cigarettes simply do not burn hot enough to cause ignition. Even the strongest whiskeys contain too much water to stand a chance of igniting from one.

It is apparently possible to get a couch or dried grass to catch on fire with a dropped cigarette but it takes very specific conditions and materials for it to actually catch on fire.

The only time I ever “smoke” is 4th of July to light fuses. SO if I’m trapped in a cave with a cig and fireworks (of my choice), I still probably won’t get fire because I’m an idiot with fireworks. But imagine some non-idiot with fireworks could get a fire going.

You are right about that. They will light a fuse that goes on to trigger explosives or colorful burning that can ignite anything else but that is more indirect than I was getting at. There are a few things that will ignite with a cigarette - some very dry kindling, lint, couch stuffing and some types of very dry grass but the success rate still isn’t very high even if you try to do it intentionally and it usually takes a long smoldering time to actually get flames. Whiskey is not on that list. It cannot smolder and cigarettes are not hot enough to ignite it even if you try.

It might refer to deeply inhaling while your mouth has a fresh charge of alcohol vapor. The mucus membranes in the lungs will take in many things, good and bad, that you inhale. It’s the same in the nose, which is why sniffing is such a quick way to apply some drugs. Is instant absorption of alcohol harmful? If not, then I’ve just wasted your time. Sorry.

As one who has enjoyed a fine Havana cigar and a nice single-malt Scotch at the same time, I can attest that one can smoke before one finishes the whiskey. And if one finishes the whiskey before finishing the cigar–well, it might be time for another whiskey. :wink: