Is it fine to use the SD logo as an icon for links to the SDMB on my website?

On my personal website, I have a few links to my social media presence. These links take the form of a logo or icon of the network in question - see, for instance, the little blue square with “in” in it for LinkedIn. I’m thinking of doing the same with the dark blue squared “SD” logo as a link to my SDMB profile. Would that be OK?

If I understand you correctly, that should be fine. It’s for informational purposes, it is relevant to the product, and there is no confusion as to source.

Did you ask LinkedIn if you could use their logo?

I think the OP is looking for a Yes or No from TPTB, but your answer a question with a question technique has me intrigued. Would you happen to publish a newsletter?

The powers that be here can’t really give a yes or a no. They’re not the mark holder or even really agents of the mark holder, so they cannot give or deny permission.

And even if they were, it wouldn’t much matter since it’s not up to the mark holder in the first place.

No one at the moderation level can give permission for something like this, which is about as high up in the chain as you’re going to get in ATMB. Way above our pay grade.

No, but LinkedIn has published a general permission to use the logo, together with guidelines how to do it: LinkedIn Brand Guidelines | Downloads. So no need for individual questions.

I can’t imagine why anybody would object to using in that way, and in the highly unlikely case that anyone did, you can simply remove it.