Is it good to get my cat stoned?

Well today I introduced my kitty to the wonderful world of catnip! I bought a few toys that were stuffed with the magical herb, and to go with the toys I purchased a container of the herb as well.

Well kitty just loves his toys (much amusement for him), but I wanted some enterainment out of this adventure also :slight_smile:

Lets see what kitty does when catnip is rubbed into the wall, needless to say the wall made a new friend that day. But it was still not the effect I was looking for.

(next day)

Feed kitty catnip. Straight from the container. Not mixed with anything!

Wow! the results were shocking! Kitty went total spaz! This lasted for about 10-15 minutes, then he just kinda settled in one spot and rested there for about an hour with eyes that were somewhat glazed over.

And now the question!

Is it safe to feed kitty catnip? How good can it be for kitty? Could there be any lasting effects?

Cecil answered a question about cats and catnip, but didn’t offer much in the way of explanation on how it works. I’m not sure how extensively it’s been studied, so the reality is probably that we just don’t know whether its bad for cats. In order to test it, you’d have to perform fairly invasive procedures on a large number of cats, and people who get angry at laboratory treatment of animals, cat lovers, and the like would probably not like that.

What is it with cats and catnip?

Dude, getting your cat stoned is the ninth deadly sin (according to Conan).

Oh, with catnip. Nevermind.