Is it healthier to sleep on one particular side of the body?

Is it better to sleep on the back, stomach, right or left side? Which side is better for the heart, lungs, other organs, whole body, etc.? Does it even make a difference? Thanks, Chris

for pregnant women, iirc, it’s better to sleep on either the right or left side. i believe it had something to do with the venous return of blood, total blood volume, and associated organs (spleen, liver, veins). so much for that expensive education… i can look up an old homework answer if you need something more specific.

It’s best to sleep on the outside. The inside sticks to the sheets.

That’s just another reason why you gotta have skin!

Actually, my wife’s ob/gyn insists that she sleep on her LEFT side during pregnancy. Sleeping in the right side restricts blood flow (via the vena cava) back to the heart.

I just read that those who have acid reflux (“heartburn”) should sleep on their left side. Due to the shape and position of the stomach, stomach acid is less likely to drip into the esophagus when you are lying on your left side.

It’s better for me if I don’t sleep on my back, because if I do, I snore, and then my wife hits me. Actually, she hits me anyway but that gives her an excuse.