Is It Illegal to eat Fido?

Just finished reading this thread and didn’t want to hijack it with the following question so I decided to post it here.

Is it legal anywhere in the 50 states to eat a cat or a dog? Just wondering where a fella like me could get Roast German Shepard or Deep Fried Maine Coon Cat.

Just a WAG, but I would say may not be illegal to eat it per se, however, it’s what you have to do to it before you can eat it that would not be legal. Thus, eating them could be illegal.

If you really want to know, call you local SPCA. Im sure they would chuckle nervously about this one.

I don’t know, but you’d have those PETA freaks on your ass pretty quick :smiley:

Killing the animal would probably be the illegal thing.

Besides, in the US and Canada at least, a feral domestic animal is going to be riddled with disease, and an animal you would get from a pet shop or a shelter or a home (as if anyone would be stupid enough to let you adopt it) would be vaccinated and medicated with things that would harm any person who ate them. Only certain medications are approved for use in animals that are destined to be used as food. Medications for pets often say right on them that they can’t be given to meat or dairy animals.

Well, if you happen to be interested in the status in Australia, [url] here it is.

That coding went horribly wrong. :frowning: Ah well…

OK, just for arguement’s sake I am going to ignore Indefatigable’s, although he makes a good point about the medicine issue.

It is OK for me as a hunter to shoot a deer, chop it up, and eat it but not OK for me to do it to a dog that was my legal property?

Amp has a point. I think you can do that with rabbits, as was demonstrated onscreen in Roger and Me. Why not other domestic animals? Not that I am in favor of it, just not sure what prohibits it.

A related question. Is it legal to import dog meat?

I guess it would bring up this arguement too…

‘Man’s Best Friend’: Property or Family Member? An Examination of the Legal Classification of Companion Animals and its Impact on Damages Recoverable for their Wrongful Death or Injury…

Here’s another wrench thrown in the mix: what if the dog dies either naturally or violently, but out of your control (attacked, hit by a car, whatever). Could you, the bereaved owner decide to eat your companion in an attempt to grok him?

Actually, I just wanted to use “grok” in that (or any) context :slight_smile:

I think it’s just that dogs and cats are not part of the American diet, just as grasshoppers and crickets and ants and many other insects are not, although they are commonly used as foods in many countries.

In countries where dogs and cats are “food,” I would suppose they are raised much as we raise cattle or chicken. I doubt the dog population runs wild in the street just waiting for someone to pick one up and bring it home for dinner.