Is it illegal to snitch?

Supposing my boss is cheating on his wife. And supposing I tell his wife. Outside of the risk of being canned. Is there any illegality involved?

I was discussing this with a coworker and she was like “that would be blackmail.” I don’t see how when I would do it regardless.

First of all, IANAL.

That said, I’m pretty sure that it’s not illegal. Blackmail would require you to demand something from your boss in exchange for not telling his wife. Simply telling her would be perfectly legal.

if in doubt

anonimity rules,

or foregoing that, try to manipulate her into the sack to get back at him


Your coworker is an idiot. IANALawyer wither, but speaking the truth is almost impossible to criminalize. The only ways you could fall afoul of the law are:

A. you are releasing classified information.
B. you have signed some kind of non-disclosure agreement.

You COULD be fired, however.

IANAL but I don’t think that snitching is illegal as long as what you snitch about is true and there is no blackmail involved, etc.

Having said that, I wouldn’t recommend the idea against the mob. Snitching is illegal in their framework of justice and they have harsh penalties for wrongdoers.