Is it irresponsible to lead a cow down a stairs?

Is it irresponsible to lead a cow down a stairs?
Who’s responsibility is it to clean up the poo?
Do cows walk down stairs better with or without shoes.
Do they prefer sandals or pumps?
Should they be dressed formally when going down to the evening meal, or is casual OK?
Is it acceptable to serve dairy at the meal , when a guest is a cow?
Do cows ever wear latex or are they purely a leather creature?
Does your neighbor bring their cow over to poo on your lawn every morning?
Is it acceptable to allow your cow to stay out partying all night?
Does milk come out a cow’s nose if they laugh?
Does your office have a take your cow to work day?
Can your cow be put on the family and friends calling plan?
Can a cow be proficient at Ballroom dancing or do two left feet prevent this?
Can a cow ski down a mountain, and how would they get them on the chair lift.?
Do cows get on a lifeboat before the men or after?
Does the neighbor’s cow keep you up all night mooing?
Can someone tell me the best place to adopt a cow?
My cow moos at strangers when they come to the door, should I discourage this behavior?
My cow chases cars, how do I stop this?
Do I need to have my cow spaded?
Does a store have to allow my cow in, if it’s a seeing eye cow?
Why do cows have such big butts?

Well, my first thought was “only if you can’t get him to drink.”


made me think “because they’re highly argumentative?”

Well, at least one person thought it funny. :frowning: