Is it just me, or are Death Eaters graduates of Stormtrooper School

In the classic mould of bad guys they get beaten by our heros, but unlike Stormtroopers they do pretty well against even the good guys, but regularly lose to the kids. I mean Dolohov kills Lupin, beats Moody, but he is Harrys punching bag and in the final battle he is stunned by…Parvati!!!

In HBP, while chasing after Snape, Harry dispatches what 3? 4? death eaters while running after Snape, and its like a throwaway moment, he is duelling and defeating wizards who have dispatched most of the Order earlier, but when he faces them its no big deal, indeed the main worry you have as a reader is not him being beaten, heaven forbid, but failing to catch Snape.

It is quite a training regime, you can beat immensely powerful wizards, but you will be consistatly beaten by teenagers…

No wonder Voldy’s orders were “he is mine”, think he was worried that Harry would kill all of them.

True. But if the Harry Potter books were more realistic, it would be a completely different book about the life of a young non-magical British boy who is being abused by his adopted family (and would end in either suicide or Harry wearing the Dursleys’ skin).

Generally, an author who wishes to continue writing about a character has to keep said character alive. If Harry (and his friends) aren’t made invincible somehow, their story will cease.

Harry Potter would have been dead in the very first book if Ms. Rowling had written the villains as anything more than bumbling fools and the main characters as realistic preteens. Voldy (possessing Professor Quirrell) would have seen the boy who destroyed him, killed him, and continued with his plans.

Being a bumbling fool is one thing, being a bumbling fool ONLY when faced with the hero is something else.

Well, Harry and company are obviously all wearing Plot Armor.

How does he beat them? I haven’t read the books but I’ve seen the movies, and in the movies the most offensive-heavy spell he seems to use is Expelliarmus (yeah, that’s how you can expect to beat Voldemort, Harry, knock the wand out of his hand:rolleyes:).

Does he use Sectumsepra?

I really don’t understand why no one bothered to teach Harry the killing curse. Might come in handy during a war.

I like to think that the good students at Hogwarts are like top students at Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Eton, Oxford (pick prestigious school of your choice) and therefore exceptionally talented. Of course, this isn’t specifically mentioned in the book.
But yes, it doesn’t make much sense.
You can’t teach Harry Potter the Avada Kedavra curse. That will turn him into something evil. I was quite disappointed with Harry when he tried the Crucio curse in book 5. Doesn’t he remember that he could risk life imprisonment in Azkaban?

That’s just stupid. Mrs. Weasley uses Avada Kedavra in Book 7 (I did read spoilers). And isn’t it Harry’s destiny to go toe-to-toe with Voldemort, who knows a lot of powerful shit? What is Harry supposed to do, shoot those little sparkly shots out of his wand? (not a serious question, I am also aware of the impending Deus Ex Machina wand that saves the day).

Damn me! I knew where that link would take me, and now I’m Down the Rabbit Hole for the rest of the evening.

From what I remember in that scene in book 6, the death eaters were occupied with duelling others and Harry was able to sneak in a quick shot to disable them while running by.

In book 5’s battle at the ministry, it’s made clear that Harry and his friends are very much outclassed by the death-eaters pursuing them. Half their team is unconscious and in critical condition while the other half are badly injured. Even trying to flee, they were eventually caught and cornered by the death-eaters, and were saved when the Order showed up at the nick of time.

The Ministry battle is understandable, you have six teenagers true, but teenagers who knew how to fight and had been underestimated by the Death Eaters. Still when the Order showed up, the Order people had their asses handed to them, Sirius was killed, Tonks, Moody and Shacklebolt were injured, it was only Dumbledore’s arrival which saved the day for them. Harry still managed to beat Dolohov, Jugson and Bellatrix in duels. In HBP, its true that he hit a couple of Death Eaters who were dueling others, but he diud duel and defeat Greyback and Rowle, and later both the Carrows. Until Snape hands it to him.

Well, the death eaters are basically known for being Voldy’s minions, not necessarily for being all that talented. It seems like to be a death eater all you have to do is show extreme loyalty and willingness to go and murder and torture people. Most of them were probably at the bottom of their class and not going anywhere in life, hence easily manipulated into joining the ranks of evil.

It’s basically a bunch of Teenagers who’ve been training to fight vs. a bunch of WASP’s and Bellatrix, who is perhaps the only crazy mofo of the group. Snape’s a decent fighter as well, but the others don’t really seem to be training to fight, especially since most of them didn’t exactly seem all gung ho about Voldie returning.

I won’t say anything about the 7th book though since many have only been following the movies only.
But I thought it made good sense in the showdown.

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