Is it just me or has American Idol lost its mass appeal?

Personally, I am starting to lose interest.
I think I am fed up with the sob stories, and those “theme” weeks where everyone has to sing Country or Motown or whatever - pretty lame. Even worse is some over-the-hill singer coming on and giving their two cents.

Perhaps is it all just becoming too - too predictable?
There used to be excitement and you heard a few really great singers mixed in with some real crap. Now they all sort of sound equally good/bad and, at least to me, this year there is nobody who really stands out. In other words, don’t really care who wins, or loses for that matter.

I still watch it if nothing else is on, but often am doing something in the kitchen or cleaning the house or whatever…more like background music. Maybe that is the problem - American Idol has turned into background music.