Is it just me, or is's take on Scientology biased?

It feels like it was written as Scientologist propaganda. Maybe the site has changed its focus since I last read it regularly, but I sure don’t remember the rest of their articles being quite so… positive about the religious that they described.

Is it just me? Maybe I was simply expecting something more negative?

A combination of both, I think. IMHO, they tend to be really hard and harsh on the various Christian sects but don’t apply that standard to other religions. So you were possibly expecting that to bleed over. Second, you may have been influenced by the SDMB. The people here are particularly harsh on Scientology (I am making no judgement myself here), and again, you may have gotten used to that kind of strong criticism.

Scientology has also started to get some negative press with all of Tom Cruise’s antics lately, as well, so that is probably not helping either.

That’s probably it. I have a bit of a negative bias towards the organisation myself, so that probably added to the whole dynamic.

The Scientologists bought the website out IIRC.

Nope, I’m thinking of the Cult Awareness Network.


The purpose of the website is to promote tolerance, isn’t it? I wouldn’t expect it to linger on the more controversial aspects.

I haven’t looked to see what it says about various Christian sects, but I am surprised to hear that it is “hard and harsh” in describing some of them – even though I would be.

They’re pretty mild on some of the more controversial Christian groups, as well. After hearing a local minister (who also happens to be a bullying, intolerant money-grubber, based on my personal interactions with him) seethe and rage about the Children of God, I went there and looked them up. Didn’t see what all the fuss was about, really, and don’t think they’re all that bad after looking into them from a few more sources.

google “flirty fishing”, “Moses David Berg”, “incest” and “pedophilia”

Children of God made the Catholic priests look good-the leader actually encouraged pedophilia, IIRC.

The OP’s link contains what is quite possibly the most cluttered and noisy website I’ve ever seen.


I’ve read about those, but it appears that the “flirty fishing” has been abandoned, and most of the incest and pedophilia charges have been based on accusations from disgruntled ex-members without a whole lot of supporting evidence.