Is it just me, or is Ringo Starr the worst performer ever?

Holy F***! I thought you were exaggerating, but I actually did fall out of my chair!

Personally, I’d venture the Cherry Sisters or Florence Foster Jenkins for the honor before Ringo. (Though Jenkins did have one concert at Carnegie Hall, which sold out. And her recordings are still in print.)

And I don’t think Ringo ever had to have chicken wire strung across the stage (on more than one occasion, if I remember right) to protect him from hurled garbage.

Hey, don’t start talking smack about Ging… oh.


Ringo did a gig here at Frontier City (our local Six Flags Lite) in August '01 and we went expecting nothing. He was a blast. Charming as hell, sang all the songs the way a Ringo should, drummed perfectly, and did it all in 100-degree heat. It’s just you.

Doesn’t count. Pia Zadora has a great rack. At least she did, back in the Roaring Twenties.

Whew, that was a close one.

Yah. I’ve been told I think well on my feet. :wink:

No discussion of bad singers would be complete without Wing .

Ringo adds a modicum of acting talent and what more important- the ability to not take himself too seriously. Personally, I like him best of the Fab Four.

Time for me to seek out “Caveman”, again. I was just thinking of the TV special, the other day…Small world. Ogner Rrats. Things that’ll probly never be on DVD :frowning:

No-no, it’s only you (and you alone). Back off, Boogaloo. Ringo’s the greatest.

At a Beatlefest years ago, they actually showed that special, along with some TV commercials Ringo did in Japan for a clothing line. The commercials were entertaining, but that TV special :eek: :eek: :eek: ?Anyone who thinks that the “Star Wars Holiday Special” was the worst special in TV history should see this dreck! Love ya, Ringo, but…damn!

Niiiiice. (I forgot about “I’m the Greatest”)

I heard a story – probably apocryphal, and difficult to believe – that Ringo was the only member of the Beatles for whom they never had to do a second take in the studio. If that’s true, then he saved them a bunch of time and money, and his professionalism and reliability made sure that the Beatles tracks we know and love today were all caught on tape just as they occurred. Even if he failed to distinguish himself in any other way, that’s still a really impressive performance for a drummer.

Of course I can’t remember from whom I heard it, so I can’t vouch for the story being true. But it’s an interesting idea.

Jurph, even if it’s not true, Ringo probably deserves a medal for dealing with the other three, talented and demanding as they were. I heard he once commented that he was in a band with four drummers. :stuck_out_tongue:

And remember, Bob Crane was a drummer. It could be worse; Ringo could have had his melon caved in with a camera tripod.

Octopods or octopoda: not octopi. However, it’s almost certainly a possessive anyway, so should be Octopus’s {or Octopus’} Garden.

I remember seeing that story here. I think it was in the Ringo Starr thread that we had a few months back.

Well, that was the Joe Cocker version, so no worries.

And I was going to say that Shane Klingensmith is the worst performer ever, until Jeff Lichtman reminded me of Wing.

So it’s a tossup. Wing is defnitely a worse singer than Shane, but Shane demonstrated on TV that not only can he not sing, he also can’t dance, act, or even model. Wing has only demonstrated her deficiency in one area.

Well, while I am a propopent of octopuses, both octopi and octopodes are acceptable, and you will find the former much more common. In fact, if you look in Merriam-Webster or The American Heritage Dictionary, octopodes will not be listed as a plural for octopus. This is because octopus comes from New Latin–whence we get our *-*i plural marker. The ultimate source of the word is from Greek, of course, hence the -podes plural. It seems a bit silly to me to have to go back two generations in a word’s etymology for us to form plurals in English. Hell, it seems silly for me to borrow plurals from a foreign language in most cases, hence my preference for octopuses.