Is it just me, or is Ringo Starr the worst performer ever?

Or is Ringo Starr the worst performer ever?

It’s just you. Pia Zadora is the worst performer ever.

He gets by with a little help from his friends.

It’s just you.

Naw, he just wants to be in the movies.

Was your post a response to Ringo’s appearance on Letterman’s show last night?

I turned the TV off before Ringo came on for several reasons, but primarily the one stated in the OP.

How bad was he?

And John Ashcroft is the worst performer ever, at least in the Gospel genre.

No, the guy who sings O Holy Night here is. It’s the third tune on the left, directly under Jim Nayder’s picture.

Mrs. Miller was far worse.

Whoa. Time warp. I remember Mrs. Miller.

One of my earliest memories is my mother going on about how bad Mrs. Miller was. I never saw the old bat, myself. Mrs. Miller, that is.

Ringo is pretty bad, but IMHO he’s not in the league of the late, great Tiny Tim, who turned bad singing and a bizarre appearance into an oddly charming art form.

As a “performer” I always thought Ringo rocked. As a drummer he always got dissed and I never understood it. It’s drums for Chrissakes. A caveman instrument. As long as you can keep time you’re doing your job. I’ll take a Ringo over a Neil Peart or Carl Palmer anyday. I defy you to hum a Buddy Rich tune.

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Thanks, Czarcasm.

I always liked him in “Octopi Garden”.

And somewhat like “With a little help from my friends” despite the fact it took a long time to get the bad taste that song left in my mouth as the theme of “The Wonder Years”

So bad, I wanted to jam a sharp pen through my eardrums. Then I realized I could just change the channel.

He looked like a boob “dancing” in place on stage, and I would have felt sorry for him if not for the fact that he can’t sing.

Ringo is an outstanding drummer. He is also fairly good as a lead for the All Starr Band.

You’ve never heard Carl Lewis sing.

Ringo is a skilled drummer and a fairly charming, if very limited, singer. Doesn’t do a lot of interesting material, but even if he has a bad night and looks doofy he’s not the worst ever. Hey, the guy was in the Beatles- even if you’re not a Beatles fan and even if he is Ringo, it ought to earn him an exemption from that category. :wink:

Ringo is a good drummer and can be charming in some on-screen roles, particularly in The Magic Christian and the long-forgotten TV movie Ringo, his take on The Prince and the Pauper.

He’s also smart enough to discover how not to age: wear a beard your entire adult life to hide the wrinkles.

I also think Ringo is a very uderrated drummer. I always thought his drumming was always 100% dead-on accurate.
And deevee mentioned Buddy Rich. I wonder what the Beatles’ success would have been if they had a drummer of similar proficiency (and EGO), who seemed to think that the entire musical spectrum is centered around the drum. Nothing like a rock and roll song with a 10 to 15 minute drum solo is there? :rolleyes: