Is it legal/moral to pick which state you vote in?

I would like to see Kerry in - we won’t get into why or who sucks in this thread.

I technically live in Illinois (have an address there, pay taxes there) but work and live 5 days a week in Wisconsin (have a coporate appartment there, have a car registered there, have my mail forwarded there, work there). Ilinois is pretty clearly going Democrate in the upcoming elections, but Wisconsin is still on the edge. Is it ok for me to vote in Wisconsin, where I think my vote will make more of a difference? I have no intention of voting twice or anything.

Any legal issues? How would I go about registering in Wisconsin?

Morally? I think it’s perfectly moral to vote in any state you can vote in legally.

Legally, I have my doubts they’d let you. You can only have one primary address. If you pay taxes in Illinois, I think they’re going to consider that your primary.

Legally, you can only have one domicile a.k.a. permanent primary residence, and that’s’where you should be registered. Still, as Allan Keyes, Dick Cheney and Hillary Clinton demonstrate, the system can be very flexible about when you can declare yourself a resident and qualify for full political rights. So it would be a question for the WI Board of Elections. You’d likely have to go thru the process of taking the actions indicative of a bona-fide move to WI such as amend your tax witholding forms and change any driver’s/professional licenses in order to avoid challenges.

What about the county? We’re changing counties before election day (maybe, maybe not) and I’m completely cornfuzzled about it. Both were contested heavily in the 2000 election, so I could convievably vote in both and get neither vote counted (kidding) …

I just wish these jackasses would give me an official closing date so we can plan our registration or re-registration accordingly.

How do they determine your permanent primary residence? Is it your tax home? Is it tied to your federal income taxes (I doubt it)?

I find it very confusing.

According to the Wisconsin State Elections Board, not all municipalities require registration. If the apartment you live in is in a municipality that does require registration, there are 3 ways to do so:

Especially since you actually have an apartment and live in the state even part-time, I don’t see why you should have any moral concerns about voting there. And even if you can’t provide proof of that by your lease (if, say, it’s in your company’s name), then all you really need to do is go get a library card!

There is no federal requirement you be a resident of a state in order to be a senator. (Some states do have such a requirement, but not all.)

I have always chosen my primary US residence based on my desire to not pay state income taxes. Now I am ‘from’ Nevada. Only when I actually reside in the US do I pay state tax, a I never seem to land in a no-tax state.

In any case, I vote in whichever state I am currently a resident of.

I see no moral problem with that.