is it me or are the vidalia onions this year too sulfuric?

I bought a couple of vidalias yesterday and they are sweet but they didn’t have the mildness that bestowed ‘household name’
status upon them.

Vidalia onion farmers say they’ve had a horrible, horrible crop this year. They are currently discussing receiving subsidies/aid from the gov’t. Too bad, vidalias make the best onion rings.

I got a box of them last week and so far they’ve all been outstanding, so I don’t know. Then again, even a bad vidalia is better than a good yellow Spanish sweet, so who am I to judge?

IMO the walla walla’s make the best onion rings, but to each his own.

The ones that I bought really were as sharp as a yellow onion. They taste good, but I’ll be cooking with them instead of using them in salad, as I had planned.

I can’t tell the difference between vidalia onions and regular yellow onions.

True the crop was bad this year, but you also have to beware becuse sometimes a company gets the idea to sell non-Vidalia onions under the Vidalia name. (Company Charged with Selling Fake Vidalias )
So if the onions are espcually bad there is a chance they aren’t Vidalias
at all.

Thank you! I was wondering if it was just me. the ones I got were not nearly as sweet as in previous years so I have been sauteeing them instead.
I’ll just have to wait for the Farmers Market to start up in two weeks so I can get some decent ones

Here is an article in today’s Atlanta paper about this year’s disastrous Vidalia onion harvest.