Is it my imagination or is Word Press utter crap?

My and my partner have been struggling with a client that insists on using WordPress. WTF is up with that place? Is it as bad as it seems? What can we use in the alternative?

And we are having trouble, my friend made some code on there and now it won’t even let us change it. Any idea what is going on?

Some people really like their software and are loyal to it.

Like with Wikipedia, which uses MediaWiki. There’s no question MediaWiki is excellent but for most people it is WAY too much for their needs. There are a lot of alternatives to it. But people like Wikipedia so they insist on MediaWiki.

The Wikipedia article lists a lot of alternative blog software both free and at cost

I have a wordpress blog but it’s self-hosted.

I self-host WordPress too. No real problems here, although I’m so limited in knowledge of PHP and CSS that I can’t customize it to my satisfaction. I also can’t seem to find a happy medium between death from spam and permitting users to add comments, but that’s not a major concern for me.

Same here. I wonder if the original poster’s problem is with the WordPress software or with hosting restrictions at

I’m using Akismet and SABRE. New users have to pass a CAPTCHA test to register, must confirm registration via email, must be registered to post, and their first comment has to be approved by me before it appears. That’s fine for my low-traffic blogs but might be too much overhead for a blog with many comments.