Is it normal for an orgasm to become painful during menopause?

My friend, who is a lesbian, just turned thirty eight and may be going through early-onset menopause. She’s pretty certain this is the case, as all the women in her family have went through menopause at roughly this age.
Recently she has discovered that her clitoris hurts during orgasm. There is no pain during sex itself, only when she’s having an orgasm. Is this common?
Is there anyone out there that has dealt with this? Any feedback would be helpful. To spare you all the “not a doctor” disclaimers, we realize that most of you are not doctors and that she should speak to one regarding the manner.

Uhhhhh…that should be “…regarding the matter” :smack:

It’s my experience, having already entered menopause, that, short of actual pain, the clitoris can become much more sensitive during menopause. So, if your friend’s SO is using the same amount of stimulation she’s always used, it may have gotten so intense as to be painful for your friend. Also, lubrication is an issue; if she’s not lubricating well enough (a common menopausal problem), then that could be the source of the pain. I know that since I’ve started what I like to call (with great sarcasm) “The Lovely Time Of Life”, hubby’s had to change a number of his previously tried-and-true sexual techniques.