Is it normal for Anderson Plugs to get warm during use?

Got some new connected 50A plugs in a 12V system and I noticed they get warm with current of just 35amps after 20-30mins of use. At 45amps of current they feel the same with no noticeable increase in the temp.


I’ve used the Power Pole connectors for ham radio installs, but never more than 15A draw.

Did you connect the wire by crimping or soldering. I’ve always used the correct crimping tool. I did have one of the big connectors on a winch installation years ago but never had the opportunity to check for heating.

A certain amount of temperature rise in a power connector is normal and expected. It is primarily due to I[sup]2[/sup]R dissipation where R is the contact resistance of each pin/socket pair. More info:

Out electric forklift chargers at work use the big SB175 and 350 Powerpoles, rated up to 175 and 350 amps, respectively. When in use, the 1 and 2 AWG cable and the connectors get warm. I don’t know how much current is actually pushed, though.