Is it normal to want to hurt cute animals?

I was typing random stuff into google to see if I could get a funny auto-suggest, and i came across this page, is it normal to want to hurt cute animals?

I actually suffer from this problem and always thought I was a horrible person and never talk about it. Do you think it is normal? What causes me to want to hurt cute things? I love animals, i have a cat who means the world to me, and I do not condone animal cruelty in any way. But sometimes I get a little too carried away teasing a cute dog or something and end up making it sad and i feel terrible afterwards. So what do you all think?

It’s not considered normal to want to hurt them. But wanting to eat them is okay. Go figure.

It’s definitely not normal, but I think it’s only a problem if it distresses you, or causes you to actually hurt things. People get really fucked up urges all the time, like rape fantasies, the urge to “jump” from high points, a recovering addict’s urge to use, and on and on. None of it matters, unless it causes your stress, or you hurt people/animals to fulfill those urges. A person’s actions are the only evidence for whether they are a “good” person.

You can’t make an animal “sad”. You’re just projecting human emotions onto a non-human entity.

Debatable. But you know what I mean, I hope. I end up causing it to respond in a similar way to a human that has been teased… IE it withdraws, expresses discomfort, etc. And then I feel bad and realize I got carried away.

Granted, it may not mirror humans exactly, but without getting into semantics, I’d say animals can very well become sad and especially depressed.
As to the thread topic, I’d have to agree with Mosier, in context of the topic.

Sometimes, while walking behind certain females, dressed in certain fashions, I get some seriously salacious thoughts going through my head.

I’m pretty sure this doesn’t make me a rapist.

Do you actually make the distinction between a cute and not so cute animal, or is it more just any animal that’s young and/or fairly defenseless?

True. OP does say that he “teases” animals (whatever that means) until they withdraw in distress. So thats kind of… not so much a thought and more an action.

Age isn’t really important… it’s just like OH wow that animal is so cute, I just want to squeeze it and poke it and such… an automatic feeling. Defenselessness is not important… my cat for example gives me lots of nice scratches and bites to let me know when I go too far with teasing her.

And just to clarify what kind of stuff I am talking about, I am NOT talking about hitting them or spanking them, throwing them, cutting, burning or anything like that. More just like squeezing, poking, teasing with my hands around the heads, tugging… that kind of thing. Enough to bother/annoy them but not to cause any serious damage. And I am not trying to say that it still isn’t mean or cruel or whatever… just, that’s where my desires end. I don’t fantasize or want to beat the hell out of a cute animal.

See my comment above what I mean when I say I like to tease… and most of the time it’s just a desire, or a thought… I usually don’t act on it. So yeah… I do agree though that it does turn into an action and that isn’t good. :frowning: I do feel really bad about it though… so I am sympathetic/empathetic… I’m not emotionally detached about it I guess is what I’m trying to say.

This might be a topic better suited to GD, but I’d bet a small fortune that dogs, at least, have emotions. Emotions come from the mammalian brain, and dogs are certainly mammals. And it’s not hard to see when a dog is happy.

I’d say birds are also quite capable of some emotions, not just mammals. Not so sure about fish, reptiles or amphibians.

But the real point that we should make is that philosophically, the individual is the only entity in the universe capable of feeling and expressing emotion. You can make the argument that we are only ever “projecting” our own ideas/preconceptions of emotions onto other people when we see them behaving and acting and responding in certain ways.

So I go with the functional definition of emotion. If it looks happy, it is. If it looks like it is in pain, then it is. Do I know for sure it is experiencing the same biological phenomenon that I am when I feel happy or feel pain? No… but I can never know that, so there’s no point in defining it that way.

How do you know this?

Well I don’t know, but it’s my opinion based on what I’ve observed. Of course, that’s a whole 'nother debate.


When I was young and had two cats, I would tease them, but as they aged, so did I. I’m now very gentle with animals, and don’t even pick them up unless I have to. I’m now unable to live with animals, but almost everyone I know has a cat or a dog, and they all love me. It’s even hard for me to get a cat off my lap if I have to get up and use the bathroom. I don’t want to disturb it.

If you feel you tease your animals too much, and feel bad about it, why not stop?

I don’t do it all the time. Most of the time it’s just a feeling or desire… I guess it’s like a bad indulgence that you get some sort of satisfaction from at the moment you are doing it, but feel bad about afterwards. Can’t really explain it.

Well have you had a lot of pets in your life? Or is this a new thing for you? Sometimes it takes a while to learn that pets aren’t, ya know… ‘toys’ placed here just for our amusement . No offence but I really wouldn’t trust you being around any animals I know. Any chance you can try to repress the urge for the sake of your own pets? I’ve known people who like to treat their animals like ragdolls. It’s really sad.

You don’t have that opinion. You’re just typing on a messageboard.

See? Anyone can play!

You sound like Elmira from Tiny Toons. Not a helpful comment, I know, but I just had to say it.