Is it permissible to display my alternative telephone #?

I got an alternative number from Freedom Voice. I am looking for friends.

From the SDMB registration agreement, here:

I apologize – a rule is a rule. Can there be exceptions for non – identifying 1-800 numbers obtained from Freedom Voice?

Why do you keep linking FreedomVoice?

Got a good deal there – OK, will not advertise.

Posting a phone number on the internet is not a wise thing to do, even if it is a secondary number. I really don’t see any good reason to make an exception for this particular service, and I can think of a whole bunch of bad reasons why not to.

I apologize.

Hey man, is that FreedomVoice?

Well, turn it down, mod!

Let Freedom ring

And ring and ring and ring and ring…from millions of interneters at 3 AM.

Dude, I know you’re having trouble making friends that you can call up on the phone, but putting the number out in public would just make it where a bunch of jerks would call you.

The irony is that the people I think you’d most get along with would be more likely not to like talking on the phone. I know I’m big on helping out people who have trouble making friends, but I am not a fan of talking on the phone.

Fortunately I am not that famous.

Maybe Loneliness is part of my Fate.

Do you think it requires “fame” to attract negative attention?

Nah. You just are going to have to find other ways to get to know people. People who are lonely can always find a way.

I honestly think you might like having a therapist help you with this social skill, teaching you how to find friends and such.

Also, maybe PM Meeko. Y’all are kinda alike.

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It may be possible to have infamy without fame.

Who is Meeko?

This cute little feller.