Is it possible the Epstein case is one of the 12 redacted Mueller cases that got handed off?

I thought a dozen cases from the Mueller investigation had been handed off to other agencies since they didn’t fall under the special council’s purview and because they were still ongoing they were redacted.

Was the Epstein case possibly one of them, or was that a totally different investigation unrelated to the Mueller investigation? Or do we really not know why the SDNY picked up the Epstein investigation after all these years? Epstein has been a known pedophile for years, I’m not sure why they are investigating him now.

I have no particular knowledge from the news, but I speculated that Michael Cohen might have been providing information about payoffs and non disclosure agreements during that time his sentence was delayed because he was talking to the US Attorneys. I think the Enquirer guy also might have given information about similar issues - hiding or burying evidence of “indiscretions.”

And as long as I’m speculating, I’ll add this - the feds tend to work by going after “low hanging fruit” and then squeeze those people with the prospect of a plea deal in exchange for cooperation. They call it a “proffer” when a defendant goes in and talks to the prosecutors about what he knows about others. (A kid can dream).

Regardless of his plea, I do imagine that Epstein is going to be financially ruined. From what I’ve read here on the Dope, that might be another spectacular unraveling, too.

The impetus for the current proceedings appears to be this Miami Herald article by Julie K. Brown from late last year about Jeffrey Epstein and Alex Acosta.

I presume it’s involving the SDNY because Epstein is a New Yorker, and also maybe because the SDNY is one of the premier federal courts and used to dealing with high-profile cases.

So I don’t see any indication, at this stage, that this is a spin-off from Mueller’s investigation.

Yeah, no reason to lay this on Mueller when a slow moving result of Acosta’s confirmation hearing is so plausible.

Quotes from the lead prosecutors citing the importance of investigative journalism.

Geoffrey Berman, United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York: “I will say that we were assisted by some excellent investigative journalism.”

William F. Sweeney Jr, FBI Assistant Director in Charge: “When the facts presented themselves — as Mr. Berman hinted at — through investigative journalist work, we moved on it.”

It should also be noted that the Acosta non-prosecution agreement applies only to the US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Florida, so New York would appear to be the logical attorney’s office to handle the case. It’s also being handled by the SDNY corruption section, rather than sex crimes section.

Thats actually kind of sad that law enforcement had to wait for a journalist to do their job for them.