Is It Possible to Develop Walnut Allergy by Eatings Too Much Walnuts Too Often?


no one?

I have never heard of that specifically, but I know that prolonged and repeated exposure to latex can create a latex sensitivity/allergy.

So why not walnuts?

although I imagine you’d have to eat a sackful a day

It is possible, but then there’s the issue of defining things like “too much walnuts” and “too often”.


Well, that’s a weird coincidence.

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So what were you attempting to link to?

Same thing, re-posted, is my guess.

I NEVER had any allergies until I was in my 30’s. Then I had allergies every spring.

And I don’t know why I suddenly started having allergies? Age?

Your immune system just got tired of dealing with all that spring tree-pollen cruft you were breathing in. :dubious::smiley:

Me: Living with dog 10 years. Living with new dog: 6 months.

Last month: ER visit, diagnosis: asthma-allergen causes. Class V (I-VI scale) dog dander allergy. Epipen and steroid puffer forever.

A link from fifteen minutes later by a brand new user asking the same question with different language. Cornfield link now, I guess.

Strictly from personal experience, walnuts are near the death of me … not because I ate too many … rather I’ve been involved in a few too many walnut harvests …

That’s obviously spam. No point in linking to it as it’s going to be disappeared quickly.

Your input is noted.

This is basically a question of sensitization. Not all exposures to allergens cause an immediate, acute response. Each exposure, however, may be creating more immune-response cells that are sensitized to that particular allergen.

This means that the allergic reaction becomes more dramatic with each exposure. Depending on how fast those sensitized immune cells build up, you might have many many exposures with almost unnoticeable allergic reaction. Eventually, after sufficient exposure, more severe allergic reactions will occur - rashes, difficult breathing, etc. This is fairly common with food allergies.

I actually have an allergy to tree nuts that I did not notice until late in life, when the symptoms developed enough to be noticeable. Even so, it’s still a mild allergic response - achy gums and skin rashes, usually. But if I went on a walnut-eating binge, it’d probably increase in severity fairly quick.