Is it possible to die from too many mosquito bites?

A friend of mine (being aware of my impressive status as a member of the SDMB :D) posed that question to me the other day. I honestly didn’t know the answer.
I have read accounts of polar explorers describing wildlife being driven to exhaustion due to biting insects. (sorry, no cite)
I’m putting the question to the vastly more knowledgeable (than I) members of the SDMB.
Is it possible to be exsanguinated from mosquito bites alone? :confused:

Is exsanguination a requirement or can we consider a toxic shock type syndrome from massive amounts of itchy, itchy mosquito saliva?

According to mosquitoes will extract anywhere from 0.001 to 0.01 milliliter of blood from one feeding. So let’s assume the higher number of 0.01 all over your body. The average person has about 5 liters of blood in their body. So to lose even half your blood it would take A LOT of hungry mosquitos…

zoid, I was thinking mainly of exsanguination, but I’ll certainly concede that death due to shock is perfectly plausible.

When are they not hungry?!

Hmmm… Okay, so that would mean a total of 2.5 million mosquito bites to drain 5 liters of blood. Correct?
According to <cringes> Wikipedia the loss of 40% (2 liters) would require aggressive resuscitation to prevent death.
That would mean a total of only 1 million mosquito bites.

I’ve been in a Gulf coast salt marsh at night when the wind died, and it sure as Hell seemed like there were way more than a million mosquitos in the surrounding air. :frowning:

And after just a few minutes. :eek:

On the other hand it’s possible to die from a single mosquito bite if it infects you with Malaria, Dengue Fever, Yellow Fever, Viral Encephalitis, etc…

Can you “undie” from a “vampire mosquito” bite?

Some semi-recent threads with useful information:

Thanks, Telemark! :slight_smile:
I found rowrrbazzle’s post from the second thread you cited to be very interesting.

So it looks like the average human doesn’t even have enough skin area, to acquire 1 million mosquito bites.

Unless of course, they’re able to bite thru an ***already bitten ***area of skin. :eek: