Is it possible to train a cat?

My sister-in-law used to live in Manhattan in NoHo on the first floor of a walkup. She had three cats that she would let out all the time. They would wander down the sidewalk pretty far, but never ventured out into the street. I know this doesn’t help you, but I thought it was pretty interesting how they would explore so much but be smart enough to never go into the streets.

Is your cat scared of the vacuum? If so put your vacuum cleaner just outside the door with the power switch in the on position. Run the cord in through a window. Have somebody else go through the door occasionally and when they do plug the vacuum in so it turns on. With any luck eventually the cat will get the idea that the horrible monster is always out there, waiting… lurking…

This works great for cats that like to scratch at your bedroom door at night too. Leave it outside the door and run the cord underneath and to a plug near your nightstand. When you hear the scratching let 'er rip.

Not to hijack the op, but is there some way to prevent cats from clawing the furniture?

I have two cats and although they have been provided with a scratch post, the exposed sides and back of my furniture have been clawed to shreds. I am afraid to replace the furniture knowing that the new one will meet the same fate.

I live alone and therefore it is not possible for me to provide them with a deterrent, like spraying or making a loud noise everytime they do something that they shouldn’t be doing.

I’ve heard putting double-sided sticky tape on the objects being scratched can be effective because they don’t like the feel of it on their paws.

Double sided tape is good and some cats don’t like aluminum foil so you could try that too. Do they use their post much? My cats won’t use most scratching posts, I think they’re too short to let them stretch when they claw. I bought a few of these cardboard scratchers instead and the cats seem to like them a lot more.

But won’t that make the furniture look funny with sticky tapes or aluminum foil stuck to it?

Just a few strips of the sticky tape will work or does the entire surface need to be covered? I guess the tapes have to stuck horizontally, right?

There’s also ssscat.

The youtube videos are hilarious as well.