Is it possible to.......

electrify ones self? Like, have a current running through you, via battery, so if anyone were to touch you they would get a shock. How could this be done without shocking ones self?

:rolleyes: Because I’m bored & drunk, that’s why.

C’mere. Hold my hand while I grab this electric fence.
I’m guessing you never spent any time on a farm as a kid.

And I’m guessing you didn’t read my post thoroughly. Notice the work “battery”. Any fool can touch something electrical and zap someone else, or carry around a cattle prod. I want this to be self contained. I think it could be done but the problem is, wouldn’t the user “complete the circuit” thereby zapping himself? How could that be avoided?

It’s not difficult t all to charge oneself up enough to pass on a good >zap< when you touch someone else.

Some synthetic carpets are marvellous for this, just slur your feet along one and you build up a high voltage static charge, the moment you touch someone who hs a lower charge the static is discharged to earth through them.

You do get a zap yourself but you are expecting this however your victim is not.
The human body cannot hold much in the way of charged particles that is the absolute qunatity of electrons so very little current actually flows but those electrons can be motivated by a large potential differance.

There is no way that I know of to avoid getting some sort of shock yourself.

Absolutely possible. We used to do this in high school physics class, we’d get a long chain of people holding hands, the first person would put their hand on a vandeGraff generator (generates a powerful static electricity charge) and then we charged it up. The person on the end of the line could walk up to people and give them a good zap. Only the person on the end of the line felt the shock.
There are also variations of this theme. There used to be “Tesla Shows” as a carnival magic sideshow. The classic act was where the magician would stand on a hidden wire leading to a high voltage Tesla Coil. At the edge of the stage would be a ground wire. The magician would reach forward and lightning bolts would jump from his fingertips to the edge of the stage, right towards the audience, which scared the hell out of everyone. Of course, he was wearing metal thimbles on his fingertips to avoid burning his flesh at the point of discharge. I saw someone demonstrate this once, it is REALLY dramatic.