Is it real or a dream...

I had the most vivid, complete dream last night. I really believed it was happening IRL. I woke up, and started getting ready for work, Mrs. Sn woke up and took a shower with me, one thing leads to another, and good time was had by all. I get dressed for work and then… I really wake up. The dream was just so full of little details, water puddles on the floor, soap bubbles, morning breath, etc…

Most of my dreams do not have that amount of detail or realism. Usually they are more surreal or have incongruities where I “know” it’s a dream. What about other dopers? How do you dream?

I just had a realistic dream this morning about slcaking off at work and having someone mention it. I slacked off yesterday and no one noticed, so I guess my dream had to punish me instead.

I routinely dream in 3-D technicolor with full smell, tactile and audio tracks. I’ve spoken foreign languages and played musical instruments fluently that I’m only semi-fluent in. I’ve flown large aircraft and with just my body. You name it, spy thrillers, science fiction or romance. Dreamland is a fun place to be.

I’ve never had amazingly odd dreams but they’re always so realistic, well when I’m in them it seems like I’m really awake and really there and like it could really happen. When I wake up I realize I’ve had the trippiest dream ever and that the situation would never happen to me but the details and everything are just great.


Last night I was dreaming that I was up at 2am and posting on a message board, it can’t be true, can it.

After I read Dune for the first time (only took me two days!) I had the most vivid dream EVER about the book (with some images lifted from the movie). When I woke up I NOTICED all the moisture in the air and that I wansn’t wearing a stilsuit. Then I realized what had just gone through my head and lay there for a minute being completely freaked out.